Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 25th August 2022 Written Update: Kabir hides Katha from Yash and Madhu


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 25th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Madhu tying rakhi to Kabir. Kabir gives her a gift Everyone claps for them. Savitri says this is the change Baba mentioned and Katha changed stubborn Madhu. Madhu asks her to stop giving credit to Katha for everything and says she did it for their family’s happiness. Kishore says they are happy to see the bond between brother and sisters. Next Deepa ties rakhi to Kabir and Yuvraj. Kabir tells his sisters that he is nothing without them and he wishes to celebrate happily with them every year. They hug him. Yuvraj asks Kabir’s permission to tie rakhi to him. He asks Kabir to forgive him. Kabir says he can never forgive him for whatever he did. He leaves. Savitri says don’t know whose evil eye falls in our family. Manju says to Yuvraj that Kabir won’t forgive him easily. Yuvraj thinks he will make Kabir reconcile with him and decides to teach a lesson to Katha.

At food distribution, Katha receives blessings from everyone. Kabir and Savitri feel happy. Yuvraj goes there. He requests Kabir to forgive him. Kabir says you did sin not mistake so leave as I don’t have time. Savitri asks Yuvraj to leave. Yuvraj doesn’t move. Kabir leaves with his mom and Katha.

In the room, Katha notices Kabir is sad. She makes him smile with her act. Katha tells he looks good when he smiles. Kabir says she is the reason for his smile. Both look at each other. Katha feels a vomiting sensation. She runs to the washroom. Kabir sees Katha coming out and asks if she is fine. She tells him she is fine. Kabir makes her feel better by making her feel the roses smell and tells her that it’s needed to visit Gynecologist. Katha agrees. Katha and Kabir are about to leave the house. Deepa teases them and tries to stop them. Kishore stops Deepa and allows Kabir and Katha to leave.

At the hospital, Katha and Kabir feel happy seeing their baby’s sonogram. Kabir takes photos of them. They ask Doctor if the baby is fine. Doctor asks Katha if she is stressed? She says the baby is in distress which is not good. Kabir asks if the condition can be reverted. The doctor prescribes medicines and asks Katha to stay away from stress. She asks why she didn’t mention the baby’s father’s name on the case sheet. Kabir holds Katha’s hand and tells his name. The doctor asks him to take care of Katha. Kabir assures to take care of Katha. They come out. Kabir sees Madhu and Yash come there with a baby and hides Katha from them. Yash sees Kabir’s back and doubts that it’s Kabir but Madhu says it can’t be and they go to meet the Doctor. Kabir and Katha leave.

At the temple, Kabir and Katha pray for their baby and their relationship. Kabir helps Katha to stand up. They sit on Kabir’s dad’s name bench. Kabir asks Katha to not worry about the baby. Katha gets tears of happiness. Kabir asks her to not take the stress and promises her that she won’t let anything happens to her and their baby. Katha tells one thing is disturbing her. Kabir asks her to tell.

Episode ends.

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