Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 6th June 2022 Written Update: Manyata spots Katha with Rahul


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 6th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Katha hugging Rahul in fear. Rahul assures her that he doesn’t let anything happens to her. Katha holds him tightly. He takes the bubble blower. Katha asks why he takes it out. Rahul asks her to use it and tells her that she can throw him down if she doesn’t feel better. Katha blows the bubbles and feels better. Rahul says they can leave sorrows like bubbles like bubble gum. Katha smiles.

Rahul asks her to blow on him and he enjoys it. The giant wheel moves in jerk. Katha holds him in tension. Both lose in each other. He blows bubbles. Katha smiles. He helps her to get down and tells her that you are born to fly and never let fear stops you. Katha smiles.

Kabir asks Maddy to buy what she needs. Madhu tells she needs something which can’t be brought with money. Kabir tells her now he is scared. Madhu tells Yash will tell him. Yash asks him to meet the daughter of a minister who’s like him. Deepa says she doesn’t feel she will be like Kabir. Everyone asks him to tell what his type of girl. Kabir tells he wants a partner who can take this world as her family. Madhu says Swetha is like your choice and she asks him to meet Sweta at the lunch. Kabir agrees and asks her to cut the cake. Deepa sees Gunjan. Madhu cuts the cake.

Katha asks how he knows that she gets cooled down after blowing bubbles. Rohan says it’s my mom’s trick to send our fear from us. Katha thanks him for letting her face her fear. He shows how she hurts him. Katha apologises to him. Manyata sees them. Rahul says your emotions are changing minute and minute and are you planning to tell me I love you.

Katha asks him to keep his wishes with him. Rohan asks what if he tells her his feelings. She blushes. Rahul handovers her bag to her and thanks her. Katha also thanks to him for making her smile so much. Rahul tells he always becomes the reason for others to smile. He leaves. Manyata missed to see his face.

Uma tells brother in law that they need to create profiles online too. He tells her that two matches are coming. She notices Kabir’s kerchief in Katha’s clothes. She thinks to ask Manu but she is lost in her music. Katha returns home and is lost in herself. Manyata teases her sister. Katha asks if she comes to fare bunking her classes. Manu asks her to tell her what’s happening between them. Katha says he is a journalist who came for Jyoti interview.

She asks if she saw him. Manu tells her she doesn’t and teases Katha saying she is in love. Katha says she is not in love. Uma tells she can love him if he is good. She asks if the kerchief belongs to him. Katha tells it belongs to the person who helped with blood donation. Uma asks her to keep the kerchief with her as her name starts with K too. She asks her to tell her about the guy’s name. Katha says there is nothing.

Katha asks Manu to keep the papers in her bag. Manu opens the bag and the diary falls down. She reads that it’s Rahul. Katha asks how it comes in her bag. She thinks it may come in the giant wheel. She sends Manu to help her sister. She keeps Rahul’s diary in the bag but one piece of paper falls down. Later Katha sees his diary paper which is full of pain then she reads his diary and gets to know tomorrow is his birthday and he is living in pain missing his parents.

Katha says he is full of pain but how can he act like everything is ok and why he hates his birthday and what happened to him. She receives a call. Rahul asks her to see him through the window. Katha sees Rahul. Uma asks who is he? He leaves from there. Katha asks why he came in late at night. Rahul asks her to meet him at thr street end. She agrees and meets him. Rahul tells her that he lose the thing needed to him and asks if it’s with her. Katha shows his diary.

Rahul thanks her. He is about to leave but Katha asks what’s his plan next day. Rahul tells he doesn’t have any plans for 7th June. He asks why she is asking. Katha asks him to help her with her meeting with Nainital tourism as her photographer blackout from the last moment. He denies telling he is leaving for Delhi. Katha asks him to do this favour by touching his hand. He agrees and leaves. Katha thinks she will make his birthday special for him.

Episode ends.

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