Pandya Store 6th June 2022 Written Update: Suman tells Raavi a truth

Pandya Store 6th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raavi walking on the road recalling Suman and Prafulla words. Shiva notices a car is about to hit Raavi and shouts to alert her. The car hits Raavi. Shiva scolds the driver and takes Raavi from there by lifting her in his arms.

He makes her sot on the road. He cares for her and asks where she was lost. He asks if she’s fine. Raavi bursts into tears and says because of her nothing is fine. She says that that she went to Prafulla’s house. She says that her parents died because of her and Prafulla lost her four mills after her arrival. She says that she’s misfortune. Shiva gets angry and takes Raavi to Prafulla’s house.

Shiva calls out Prafulla. He says her to get ready to go out and spent family time. He gives her hand bag and makes her wear cooling glass which surprises Prafulla. He sprays perfume over her. He says that this is poison and it will show its effect in 10 minutes shocking Prafulla.

Prafulla tries to run away. Shiva holds her. Shiva scolds Prafulla for saying Raavi is misfortune. He says that Prafulla is misfortune for their family. She took the mills and his Dad got heart attack because of her. Prafulla says that Raavi wanted to know the truth, so she told her the truth. Raavi says that Prafulla is right. She asks him to leave her. Shiva sprays the perfume on Prafulla again.

Prafulla pours the water on the jug over her. Raavi says that Shiva didn’t do right with Prafulla, whatever she did it’s her aunt. She gets bucket full of water and pours it over Prafulla. Prafulla requests Shiva to tell the antidote. Shiva says to smell her own slipper. Prafulla does so. She says that she’s still not feeling well and asks Raavi to take her to the doctor. Shiva says to Raavi that he didn’t spray any poison on Prafulla.

Raavi tries to calm down Prafulla. The latter shouts that all knows how Raavi’s parents died and says to ask Suman if they don’t believe her. Shiva refuse to believe Prafulla and he warns her and leave taking Raavi. The latter shouts that the perfume isn’t poisoned before leaving.

The ac mechanic says to Dev to hold the wire until he goes and finds from it’s coming. Shiva and Raavi returns home. Shiva asks why there’s no lights in the house and asks Raavi to turn on the main. She obliges. Dev gets electrocuted and shouts. Rishita wakes up on hearing his scream. All come to Dev getting worried.

Dhara asks Dev what happened. Dev says that he turned off the main, but someone turned on it, so he got electrocuted. Raavi says that it’s because of her mistake Dev got hurt she says that she is misfortune and cries. She apologizes to Dev and Rishita saying that she didn’t do intentionally. Gautam and Rishita say that they know she didn’t do it intentionally. Shiva says that it’s his mistake as he asked her to turn on the main switch.

Raavi says to not blame himself for her mistake. Dhara assures Raavi that she’s not misfortune, it could have happened due to anyone else too. Family gets shocked when a scorpion fell. Rishita says that Raavi saved Dev’s and her life. It could have bite Dev or her any other day. She hugs Raavi. Dhara says that she saved two people’s, but calls herself misfortune.

Prafulla meets a drama artist. She says that her relation with Raavi isn’t fine, she requests him to scare her coming in priest disguise. She says to him a plan. She further says to tell Raavi that Prafulla is solution for her misfortune. At Pandya house Shiva says to Suman that Raavi wants to know what happened with her parents, how the accident happened.

Suman asks why they want to know it. Dhara says that the incident happened just before and says that Raavi considers herself unlucky to this house and to the whole world. She requests to say how her parents met with accident. Suman says that Prafulla must have told hervthey met with an accident while taking her to the hospital, but she must not told her that her father was an alcoholic shocking Raavi and all.

The episode ends.

Precap: Gautam and Dev meet a money lender and gives him their property papers. The money lender says that this some Jeevan Laal land. Dev and Gautam get shocked on seeing someone’s name board in their land. They break the name bord. The goons beat Dev and Gautam.

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