Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 15th March 2023 Written Update: A shocker for Dev


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 15th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhamayanthi saying to Abhimanyu that Dev may give the M.D position to him. But he won’t allow you to take any decisions alone there. She is aware that he doesn’t like her words, but the fact is, she is his real mausi not a stepbrother. It’s not too late to change everything. Abhimanyu leaves from there. Meanwhile, Satyavati says to Dev that Vidhi is also a middle-class girl like her. She will understand the value of money. That is why she likes her a lot. She advises him to help Abhimanyu in his business. He is worried about Priya. He has to help him to come out of it. He isn’t able to handle it alone. Abhimanyu hears it. Vidhi doubts whether she is able to handle this situation or not. Dev comes there and prevents her from falling down. He gave a kiss to her.

Dev says to her that Satyavati is an expert at judging people. She gave the responsibilities to the right person. Didn’t she face many challenges in their office and proved her talent to him, Vidhi says to him that her MBA class is going to start in a few days. She doesn’t know how to handle both studies and house responsibilities. Will she be able to manage both of them? Dev says to her that she is Bimla’s daughter. Didn’t Bimla take care of household chores, temple work and part-time job? She is expert at managing everything. Hariprasad is also not less. So, Vidhi is able to manage everything. MBA means accounts. She will get experience while studying how to handle the accounts and run the family. Vidhi understands his point and assures him to manage everything.

Vidhi calls the drivers and servants and instructs them what to do. She allotted a new schedule for them. Priya and Dhamayanthi make faces after hearing it. Priya mocks Vidhi that saving 7k won’t help them in this crisis. Vidhi says to her it’s a small step. She only has to look into other expenses to find out where they are lagging. Priya says that she isn’t a middle-class girl like Vidhi to take care of it. She was from a Raichand family, so she had an expensive life. She can’t allow anyone to stop it. Vidhi says that she has to adjust to it. This is for our family. She apologizes to her if she hurts her, but it’s important to do it. She says to Satyavati, let’s stop giving clothes outside for dry cleaning. We can save lakhs from it. Satyavati appreciates her idea. Priya says that her clothes are really expensive. She can’t wash it with her hands. Vidhi says that we have a washing machine. Servants are there to help them. Satyavati says that she made a good decision by handing household keys to her.

Dev says to Abhimanyu that they want to discuss the financial crisis alone. Abhimanyu says that Yogesh is handling it all. Let’s call him to attend the meeting. Dev says that he isn’t a trustworthy person. They considered him like a family, but he isn’t his family. Dev says that Yogesh is doing something wrong behind them. Even Vidhi tried to alert him but he didn’t concentrate on it. Abhimanyu says to him that he shouldn’t allow Vidhi to poke her head into it. She handles the household expenses. He asks him to take care of it and leaves from there. Hariprasad notices Vijay is lying in his house. He said to him that he was taking a rest. He adds that he came here to get his sign. Vidhi comes there on time. She notices their sign on the documents and inquires them about it. Hariprasad scolds her to divert her.

Episode end

Precap; Abhimanyu will inquire Priya where the servant is? He couldn’t find any cook there? Priya will inform him that Vidhi gave leave to them to save money. Abhimanyu will inform them that he was the reason for it

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