Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th March 2023 Written Update: Income tax officers seals Samrat’s property


Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with IT officers and police reaches Samrat’s house for raid. Mohit says that they paid tax on time and did nothing wrong never. IT officer says that they have to search the house. Mohit asks about search warrant. Police inspector shows the search warrant to Mohit. Mansi asks Aliya that if the latter is behind this. Aliya shook her head. IT officer says that they can’t contact others until raid gets over and they should not leave the hall. Constable collects the phones from them. And the IT raid begins.

Mohit says that they pays tax properly on time. Ishani tells him that she think Raghav is behind this raid. She says that Raghav is doing this to get revenge on Samrat. Nayantara agrees with Ishani. Samrat says that he don’t care about it because his record is clear and IT officers won’t get anything.

IT officer brings money and he asks about it to Samrat. Samrat tells him that, that’s not his money. IT officer tells him that he found it under Samrat’s bed. Samrat says that someone is trapping him. Nayantara tells IT officer that Samrat is right. Ishani claims that Raghav would have kept that money using holi celebration. IT officer asks Samrat that if the latter can prove that, that money don’t belong to him. Samrat says that he will go to the court. IT officer tells Samrat that they are sealing the whole property of Samrat. He says that Samrat can’t access his cards and bank accounts. He tells him to take his clothes and leave the house.

Everyone leaves the house. Aliya asks Samrat that what are they going to do now. Samrat says that he don’t have a single penny. Nayantara suggests to stay in her house. Malati convinces Samrat to stay in her house. Samrat gets emotional and thanks her. Everyone reaches Nayantara’s house. Aliya tells Samrat that she can’t live in that house. Samrat scolds her. He asks her that where she will stay. He tells her to stay in the hotel if she has money. She asks him that why he hided black money in his room. He tells her to blame Revati. And Aliya can leave if she can’t stay there then.

Mansi asks Samrat to calm down and says that it’s not easy to adjust there. Malati says that house will look good after cleaning. Samrat says that everyone should participate in the cleaning. They starts cleaning the house.

Mansi tells Aliya that she wanted to become queen but she become maid. Aliya tells her that she did not know this will happen. Later, Nayantara serves food to everyone. Aliya says that she want something else than rice. Samrat asks her to not complain and eat. She blames him for the situation. She says that she will stay hungry and goes inside. Samrat tells Mansi to eat and wash the dishes later.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mansi steals Malati’s bangles and tries to leave the house but she gets caught. Samrat thanks Nayantara.

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