Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 17th March 2023 Written Update: A surprise awaits Amba


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 17th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi asking Abhimanyu to give them their clothes to wash. Priya says to her that she won’t give her expensive clothes to her. Abhimanyu asks her. Don’t they usually give clothes out for dry cleaning? Vidhi explains to him that she is trying to save money from it. She asks him in which process money is coming for family expenses? Abhimanyu says that he has no idea about it. She is able to contact the accounts department.

Vidhi says that he is in charge of Raichand’s company. He has to know about it. Abhimanyu says that it was his mistake to not look into it. He understands that Dev sends her to ask about it. Vidhi says that he misunderstands her intentions. Abhimanyu says that he doesn’t know what’s going on here. Vidhi understands why Dev got upset.

Vijay Babu is measuring Hariprasad’s house. Hariprasad and Bimla arrive there. They ask him what’s going on? Vijay says to him that he couldn’t find them, so he starts his work. It was an important work. Simi scolds him for getting their permission before doing something. Vijay says to him that he wants to do something to Milapini Devi’s temple. He is her devotee. He decided to renovate the temple. She leaves from there. Later, Vidhi gifts Lens of objectivity to Dev. She says that he gave it to her when she was in trouble. She understands the value of it. She advises him to gift this to Abhimanyu. She asks him not to get angry with her. She suggested Dev to advise Abhimanyu. Let him learn everything. Dev gives a kiss to her. Later, Priya makes a fuss after seeing the breakfast. She demands her to give her almond milk. Vidhi says that she prepared a healthy breakfast for her. Let’s drink cow’s milk for a month.

Chithra visits Raichand’s house. Vidhi welcomes her happily. Chithra thanked Vidhi for convincing Amba. She gives permission to meet her family. Priya says that there is nothing to give Chithra, especially her. Vidhi is preparing a special sweet for Chithra. Dhamayanthi asks for money from her to start a new business for her son. Vidhi says to her that she doesn’t have money with her. She handles only family expenses. If she shares this plan with Dev or Abhimanyu, then they will look into it. They have better knowledge of it than her. Dhamayanthi says that everyone is troubling her. No one is ready to give money to him. Chithra comes there and thanks Vidhi for convincing Amba. She feels more comfortable with Vidhi now. She adds that Amba said that both Divya and Chithra are the same as her. Vidhi is shocked to hear it. Chithra says that she said she would treat her like Divya. Meanwhile, Dev says to Satyavati that he decided to give the gift to Chithra which they planned for her. Amba comes there.

She informs them that she has come to pick up Chithra from there. She appreciates Priya’s body shape. She inquires Priya where she is going to the gym. She praises her trainer. Priya says that she quit the gym. Vidhi supports Priya. Dev handed the 25% shares to Chithra. Amba was overjoyed after hearing that news. She informs Yogesh.

Episode ends

Precap; Dev will give the accounts to Vidhi. Dhamayanthi will ask Vidhi to massage her leg. Dev will ask Vidhi to study. She will assure him to study after she gives this milk to Satyavati. Dev will notice that Vidhi fell asleep due to being tired.

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