Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 1st August 2022 Written Update: Dev defends Vidhi


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 1st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev reaches to Vidhi’s house and notices temple there. He removes his shoe to enter inside. He hears groom family questioning Vidhi Is she know to cook? Vidhi nods with her. She asks her to tell how to cook it? Vidhi stammers to answer her.

Groom’s mom says to Vidhi that she doesn’t know to do any household work it seems. She hears many good thinks about her outside that’s why they brings this alliance to her but they confirmed that they betrayed them. She doesn’t know anything no one will dare to marry their daughter. Dev comes there and brings back the money to her. Dev shares to groom family that Vidhi had his 40lakhs worth ring.

Though she came to his office to return it. He praises her honesty there. Groom’s mom says to them that Vidhi is good for nothing she is not deserve to anyone daughter in law. She demands Dev to leave from there. Dev leaves but changes his mind later. Doesn’t they know rich person then why didn’t they get their daughter married to him instead of searching for a middle class.

Dev returns there and shares to them he couldn’t answer them properly that’s why he came back to answer them. It’s wrong to insulting Vidhi’s family like this in their house. In this universe there is a common fact no one is 100% perfect.

Everyone is lack of something. If she ask him he is ready to prove her son is lack of 5 things at least. Dev says to them she is such a honest girl they are luck to get her as their daughter in law. Doesn’t they talked about financial status? He is offering job to her. What’s her son salary he cab able to pay double then him to her. Urmila gets shocked hearing it. He says to her they can’t decide anyone life considering their cooking knowledge. They leaves from there.

Nima thank Dev for stand for her daughter. Nima shares his grief to him. Dev thank him wholeheartedly. He adds that there is less people in this world thinking like him. He is so blessed to see him visited his house he thank him. He says that God will definitely bless him. He can bring his wife here to take god blessing from here.

She is really powerful god. Hariprasad apologize to him first for rejected his offer. He says that Vidhi won’t work in his office? Dev asking him Is he rejecting his offer? Hariprasad says to him he don’t need to take it in that way. Their family is traditional one. Their family girls won’t go out to work. Dev says to him it’s high time they might change their thoughts and send their daughter out ti create her own name. He points the clock there. Time is not stuck one place it’s keeps go from there.

He gives money to Vidhi and tells her door for her always open in his office. She shouldn’t allow anyone to tease her like this again. He really needs a honest person like her in his office. He advises her and leaves from there. Nima returns the money to Urmila. Later Seema says to Nima that she is so happy because Vidhi escaped from that groom family. Nima notices Vidhi crying and consoles her. Vidhi feels bad for whatever happened today. She says that they insulted them because of her.

Hariprasad advises her and leaves. Nima says to her that she can able to achieve anything they don’t have rights to insult her she can’t able to do anything. She advises her to stop looking down on her first. It’s not a good alliance for her Dev saved her from this alliance today. Later Dev finds out a letter from his bed from Amba.

Episode end

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