Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 1st March 2023 Written Update: Vidhi takes a stand


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 1st March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev waiting for Vidhi on a fun night. He thought that Vidji had told him that she would return in two minutes but she hadn’t arrived yet. Vidhi comes there wearing a modern dress, surprising Dev. Both share their eyelocks. Vidhi tells him that she may not look good in this dress. She is about to leave but Dev stops her. He tells her that she looks pretty in this dress. Vidhi asks him not to ask her. They are chasing each other. A newly married couple notices them. She recognises them and informs her husband that he is Dev Raichand. Vidhi fell in love with him for his money. She has an age difference from him. She made him fall for her and run away from him. Her husband tells her that they are playing there. He got married to her.

Vidhi and Dev are enjoying their dinner. Some couples are gossiping about Dev and Vidhi. Vidhi makes faces after hearing it. Dev tells her that they are here to enjoy their honeymoon trip, so they ignore the negativity. The waiter comes there and offers wine to them. Dev tells her that she is able to drink it. She refuses to drink it reasoning she is Milapini Devi’s devotee, so she won’t drink. But he is able to drink. Dev tells her that he has stopped drinking. He was drunk the last time in 1988. He doesn’t want to drink more. Vidhi asks him what happened on that day? Dev tells her that he has no idea what happened on that day. He was blackout. He has zero memories of it. Vidhi hears the comments about them and stays quiet.

The anchor announces a couple dancing there. Everyone leaves from there to dance. Vidhi hesitates to go with them. Other couples look at her in a teasing way. Dev and Vidhi are dancing with each other happily. They passed comments on Vidhi again. Sumitra and her husband get there. He notices Dev and introduces him to Sumitra. Dev introduces him to Vidhi. Sumitra mentions him as an uncle. She says to him that she thought Vidhi was his daughter. Doesn’t he have shame to marry a girl who is his daughter’s age? His father praised him but he didn’t deserve it all. Vidhi is fed up with their comments. She proposed to Dev in front of everyone. She takes Mike and announces to everyone. She is aware that Dev is older than her. She doesn’t care about it. But others are uncomfortable with their jodi. That is why they are passing the comments to them.

Everyone makes fun of their Jodi. Vidhi gives a fitting reply to them. She says to them that she was here to spend time with her husband. If they don’t have enough to compliment each other, then how will she pass comments on others? She doesn’t care about others’ comments because they got together after crossing many hurdles together. She expressed her love for Dev. She sings for him and Dev plays guitar for her. Everyone claps for them. Sumitra takes mike from them and says to everyone that they are enjoying their life without considering their age. Later, Dev gives a surprise to Vidhi. She gave him

. He tells her that he has booked a whole restaurant for her. He leaves to bring a gift for her. Amba comes there and gives a shock to her. Vidhi isn’t giving heed to her words. Amba asks her to listen to her because she came here. She tells her that Vidhi became a mom. She became the mom of Dev’s daughter.

Episode end

Precap; Dev will be shocked to learn from the waiter that his card has been declined. It’s not working. He will ask him to keep his watch until he pays the bill. Later, Yogesh will give a file to Amba

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