Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 22nd November 2022 Written Update: Sathyavathi advises Dev


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 22nd November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Amba sharing to Vidhi that her words turns true. She mentioned her mistakenly as Mrs. Dev Raichand. Now she is going to get marry with him. She is so happy. Vidhi tells her that she is genuinely feeling happy for her too. But she is able to understand why she is doing this all. She gifted jewellery shop to her father and wishes to perform her engagement in her house. She wants to break her heart.

Whatever she do nothing going to bother her. She adds that Amba going to get engaged with the person she loves and know a lot. Then why she isn’t calming down? Its not a game to discuss about win or lose. Amba adds that every looser will talk like her. Vidhi tells her let them think what they want to? She opened up her feelings to him. It’s not to impress him but for self satisfaction. She didn’t hide her feelings to him. Dev may be didn’t open up his feelings for her. Even he was silent in her matter too. Vidhi asks her to go and select the beautiful lehanga for her. Vidhi excuses her.

Dev and Abhimanyu are eating breakfast. Priya asks him to don’t eat much calories food. He won’t fit in the sherwani. Abhimanyu says that he shortlist the design for him. Dev says that he doesn’t want to wear designer sherwani. Sathyavathi asks him to stop this wedding if he don’t like it. Dev tells her that he doesn’t said like that.

He is going to say bye to his bachelor life. He isn’t interested in this designer sherwani. Sathyavathi says to him that he is considering her as his friend right? So he shouldn’t hide anything from her. If he isn’t comfortable with this engagement. Then we have option to stop it. She asks him to open up with the person who is close to his heart. She suggests Vidhi name reasoning she is so understanding.

Dev asks her why should he discuss with her? Abhimanyu says that she convinced him to agree to marry Amba. Sathyavathi asks him what was Vidhi’s reaction after he informed his engagement. He tells her that he didn’t invite her personally for his engagement. She learnt from the office employees. Sathyavathi tells him that it’s wrong to not invite her personally. She put so much effort to convince him.

Later, Vidhi is working in her seat. Ananya informs her that Kanika called her to attend one important meeting. Dev reaches there and asks Vidhi to come to his cabin. Dev asks her to write a letter for him. Vidhi tells him that she wants to attend one important meeting with Kanika. Shall she ask Ananya to do this for him? Dev assures her that he will talk with Kanika about it. He asks her to note down what he is saying? She notes it down. Vidhi asks him to whom do you want to give it? Dev about to mention it. Ananya disturbs them and says that Kanika called Vidhi to attend the important meeting. Vidhi excuse him. Dev thinks that he couldn’t express what’s on his mind to her.

Later, Priya says to Amba that she never thought that she will so something like that? Amba adds that she will do anything for Dev. Sathyavathi comes there and question her what’s she doing here? Amba tells her that she wants to prove herself that she is a good daughter in law. According to her daughter in law might aware what’s inside our fridge. A perfect home maker. Priya agrees to her. Sathyavathi adds that she isn’t her daughter in law yet. Amba adds that she will become her daughter in law asap. Later, Vidhi is drawing rangoli.

Golden appreciates it. Urmila helps Chithra and Vickram to looks around the decorations of the house. Vickram gets disappointed seeing it. Chithra tells him that Amba’s decision is this. Hariprasad praises the Rangoli and says that both are perfect partner. Her dhuppatta mistakenly rubs Amba’s name. He asks her to correct it asap. Vidhi thinks that she might be happy to see him getting engaged.

Episode end

Precap; Raichand family will visit Vidhi’s house. Chithra will take arathi to him. Amba will steal the glance of Dev. Later, Vidhi will open up with Dev

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