Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 28th February 2023 Written Update: Abhimanyu lashes out at Divya


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 28th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev packing his luggage. He notices Vidhi carrying snack packets. He asks him what’s this all? Vidhi tells him that she will feel hungry while travelling. She will eat this. Dev says to her, let’s eat at any restaurant. Vidhi says to him that she doesn’t like outside food. He teaches her how to pack the luggage neatly. He asks her to pack her night dress too. She denies it, reasoning it was short and transparent. Satyavati comes there and gives a gift to Vidhi. Satyavati says to her that she might open it in Goa. Usually, my mother-in-law won’t do anything like that. But she is like a friend to Dev. Meanwhile, Vidhi informs her parents about her trip. She hesitates to mention that it’s a honeymoon trip. Hariprasad tells her that he will drop her at the airport, thinking her family members will accompany her. Dev informs her that the family members are not going with them. Bimla asks her why she is hesitating to reveal it is a honeymoon trip. She asks her to enjoy it there. Dev assures her that they will enjoy themselves well and send photos to them. Vidhi asks him why he is talking with him like that.

Satyavati advises Dev to switch off his phone on his trip. Abhimanyu takes the laptop from his hand. He asks him not to work on his trip. Satyavati asks them to enjoy themselves well there. Dhamayanthi says that Dev may forget there is a house for him. He is always holding his wife’s Sari edge. Dhamayanthi’s husband says that she shouldn’t say that. He holds her sarie edge in a teasing way. Simi comes there and says to them that she is also going with them. Satyavati tells her they are going for a trip. Simi tells her that she heard they were going to the moon. Satyavati tells her that no one will tell stories to her there. She isn’t able to watch TV. Simi refuses to go with them. Later, Dev and Vidhi reach the hotel. Dev notices Vidhi isn’t leaving his luggage. The hotel manager comes there and welcomes them. She fears that they will steal her luggage. Dev assures her they won’t do that. It’s a five-star hotel.

Abhimanyu is worried about Priya’s strange behaviour. Divya comes there and informs him that there is some problem in the accounts. Money is missing in accounts. He might check about it. Abhimanyu asks her to leave him alone. Divya asks him to check it. It’s not a small thing. Abhimanyu lashes out at her for not listening to him. He adds that Dev’s wedding is over. Now she is working in this office. He asks her to use her relationship outside and be an employee here. She works under him. She isn’t a Raichand family. Divya is hurt to hear it. Abhimanyu demands her to leave there. Later, Priya questions Simi what she is doing. She saw many remarks in her diary. Who signed her diary? She tells her that Vidhi signed it. She asks her to consider Vidhi as her mom. Simi apologizes to her. Priya leaves from there.

Dev and Vidhi are unpacking the luggage. Vidhi inquires about the rate. Dev asks her not to ask about it. Vidhi informs her mom about the five-star hotel facilities. Simi remembers Vidhi’s care for her. She tries to contact her. Priya notices this and lashes out at her. Meanwhile, Dev asks Vidhi to consider him as her friend. Vidhi denies it, reasoning that friends won’t hide anything with each other. Dev asks to wear shorts. She denies it. She notices Satyavati’s gift. It’s a modern dress. Dev appreciates mom’s selection. He is trying to convince her. She was adamant. She tells him let’s attend the couple’s party. Dev and

Episode end

Precap; Vidhi will refuse to take drinks. She will ask him to drink if he wants. Dev will tell her that something will happen, what happened on 98. Vidhi will inquire him about it.

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