Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story Upcoming Story: ARJUN REVEALS TRUTH ABOUT NANDU

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Episode starts with Pinky quest where are you going with Nandu and why you didn’t answer mine or Sunny call. Arjun answers he can’t reveal for Pinky every question. When he about to move Pinky reads the threatening chit. Arjun asks how you get it. Pinky says I can’t tell you. Arjun says keep it with you and we are not coming with you to home and don’t involve in my matter.

Pinky says GAGAN is my problem but you involved in it and helped me to solve it so now I involve in your problem and I won’t move from here until you accept it. Pinky says leave but I will call police and informs them that one dad is moving with his daughter without giving info. Arjun tries to stop her but she won’t listens than he reveals that Nandu is not his daughter. Pinky says you lost your mind ,let’s meet doctor. Arjun says Pinky it’s the truth and reveals that he and Ananya gets scared when she is near to delivery and reveals that Ananya got miscarriage at 3rd time too.

Pinky says didi never inform us about her miscarriage. Arjun says she never said to anyone because your dad may say it’s our fate. Pinky says where you got Nandu. Arjun explains how he got Nandu from his father who don’t need her. Ananya sees Nandu with him and thinks it’s their daughter. Pinky says my sister never reveal it to me. Arjun says Ananya don’t know about Nandu truth and Ananya used to worry for her dad and when we came here with Nandu, your mom smiled at us and we thought she forgives us seeing her smile and that time Ananya is happy.

Pinky says you feel you’re doing right thing. Arjun says yes I’m right to keep my wife happy. Pinky asks about bNandu parents. Arjun says that he goes to ready the adoption papers but they left from hospital, I tried to find them but I didn’t get their details so I couldn’t adopt Nandu legally that’s why I’m scared. Pinky says you feel you come out of problems if you run far from it. Arjun says yes.

Nandu gets conscious and Asks Papa why are you crying. Arjun says nothing. Nandu says dad is taking me to somewhere but not telling the place. Arjun says it’s secret DK let’s leave. When they about to leave Pinky acts like she fell down and asks them to help her. Nandu helps her.

Dadi asks where is Pinky. Sasha says these days Pinky is in Arjun place. Ram listens to her words. Dadi taunts her to think in good way. Nalini calls Pinky but call gets disconnected. Pinky ,Arjun reaches to home. Pinky asks Arjun ji why can’t you adopt Nandu legally.  Arjun says single parenrs can’t adopt. Pinky asks him to marry again. Arjun says he never thought about second marriage. Pinky says Ananya is lucky to get partner like you. Arjun says you will also get caring partner.

Ram shows Pandey son match to Nalini and asks her to get Pinky ready. Nalini asks him to give time for Pinky. Ram says it’s good time. Pinky says my fate regarding marriage is not good. Arjun says how are you after getting seperate from GAGAN. Pinky says how am I, and smiles seeing Arjun. Nalini sees Pinky coming with Arjun and reminsces GAGAN words.

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