Nagin 4 Upcoming Story : Dev and Brinda reconciliate

Nagin 4 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Nagin 4 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Nagin 4 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Brinda hitting the owl which transforms into a girl. Brinda is able to convince her help her with finding Billy’s murderer, so she gives Brinda a side of the locket that the murderer had lost in exchange of another favour.

Vishakha plans to get the locket just to use it to against Shalakha whose reality shall come in front of the family.

On the other hand, the owl-girl reminds Brinda to fulfil her promises and leaves. Brinda messages Dev sending her location and asking her to come even with police if he doesn’t trust her.

Dev receives the message and tells police and family about it. The police asks him if he is trying to cover Brinda. Vrushali asks him what he is doing. Dev tells them that Brinda has found something about the real culprit only. Dev decides to go to the location sent by Brinda and the police and the family, including Shalakha, go with her.

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Meanwhile Brinda hears footsteps and transforms into snake hiding in a corner. She sees Vishakha searching for the locket and throws the locket in front of her. Vishakha finds it and wonders how to get rid of the blood stain. Brinda comes in front of her and blames her for Billy’s murder. Vishakha tries telling her that she hasn0t killed Billy but Brinda isn’t ready to listen.

Dev and others come there and Brinda shows them the locket and the video clip of Vishakha taking the locket. Everybody wonders why Vishakha would kill Billy. Brinda asks then why Vishakha came to the site to get the locket. Shalakha says that she must have come to get rid of proofs. She holds Vishakha’s shoulders and hides the other side of the locket in her blouse from behind. When a lady officer checks Vishakha, she finds the locket and the police arrests her. Police asks Dev and Brinda to stay there for some questionings while others can leave. Shalakha wants to stay but Vrushali insists that she shall leave with them. Shalakha looks at Dev and Brinda and gets angry. Her eyes turn green as well as Mundika’s ring which she is wearing as locket. She understands that she might have got Mundika’s powers. The family leaves.

Brinda confronts Dev for blaming her and calling her murderer. She reminds him how he didn’t trust her despite her begging him. Dev replies that she never had faith on him too and always surrounded him with questions and blames. Brinda asks him to shut up and apologizes crying and realizing her mistake of never trusting him. Dev says that she is intentionally crying like this so that he doesn’t get angry on her but he wants to get angry. He is about to leave but Brinda stops him and says that she won’t let him leave. She confesses that she loves him and also admits that it’s late and she should have said it before. Dev puts his hand on her face and just then Brinda sees the ring in his finger. She says that she feels bad that he moved on so fast, in one year only. Dev says that he never forgot her but he wanted to forget her after she betrayed and left him. Brinda says that she never betrayed him but she made one mistake and that is that she didn’t come back to him. The two reconciliate and decide that they will make everything fine between them and stay together forever. They stand closer holding hands and Brinda’s pallu fly on them.

Later Dev and Brinda come back home. Brinda tells him that she has to leave and fix some things. She asks him not to trust anybody blindly. Dev teases her that she wants him to stay only with her. Brinda leaves in the car and recalls her mother’s murder. She understands that Vishakha can take her to the real murderer who is certainly not Dev.

On the other hand, Shalakha understands that she can use Mundika’s powers through her ring with her anger. She gets angry recalling Brinda and Dev together and her eyes turn green. She wishes Dev to be stopped and just then a frame falls in front of Dev who is about come inside but stops as the frame breaks in front of him. Shalakha rushes to him. Dev confesses Shalakha that he still loves Brinda and marrying her was a big mistake. Shalakha acts like she understands him and wants his happiness only but when Dev leaves to talk with his mother, Shalakha says that she won’t leave him ever.

Brinda goes to meet Vishakha and asks why she killed Billy. Vishakha says that she didn’t kill her. Brinda tells her that she knows Dev didn’t kill Manyeta and she is the one behind her mother’s murder but Vishakha doesn’t confess anything so Brinda has to leave with no information. At the same time, thunderstorm comes and lots of water goes floods a temple.

Meanwhile, Shalakha goes to Vrushali, Ketki and Rasik and asks Vrushali why she got her married to Dev and kept that snake in the house too. Ketki thinks that she is calling Brinda snake just because she is Dev’s first wife but Shalakha reveals them that Brinda is Naagin.

To prove what she said, Shalakha takes the family to the entrance. Brinda is about to enter but Ketki and Rasik throw some leaves that hurt Naagins on her with the help of the fan and Brinda transforms into a snake shocking everyone. Vrushali recalls how they had killed Manyeta’s family and gets very scared realizing that Brinda is Naagin and might have come to take revenge. Vrushali asks Shalakha how she knows it. Shalakha says that she doesn’t have time to explain that but she has a plan. Vrushali, Ketki and Rasik agree to be part of her plan. Shalakha gives Vrushali some papers and asks her to go to Dev with them while she will tell the rest of plan later on phone.

Vrushali goes to Dev and confronts him for the decision of divorcing Shalakha for Brinda. She badmouths about Brinda a lot so Dev gets angry and naagmani shines on his forehead. Vrushali gets stunned seeing it. Dev leaves enraged. In the meantime, Shalakha looks at Brinda who is in the room and thinks that the time has come and Vrushali must have already done the work.

Dev is in the corridor when Shalakha sees him and gets shocked seeing the naagmani on his forehead. Dev is still angry and asks her what she wants now. Shalakha says that he looks upset. Dev calms down and leaves.

Dev goes to talk to Brinda and tells her that Vrushali is against them. He says that he can’t hurt his mother but he promises her that he won’t let her go through more pain as well.

Shalakha goes to Vrushali’s room where Vrushali requests her to stay with Dev forever. Vrushali tells Shalakha about the naagmani that shone in Dev’s forehead. Shalakha says that she just got to know about it too. She wishes for someone to come to help them. Just then a big snake enters in the Parekh Mansion. (Episode ends)

Precap: Brinda is about to reveal Dev that she is a Naagin but stops seeing a huge snake behind him. Shalakha comes in the Laal Tekdi Mandir where Guru Ji asks her what she wants. Shalakha says that she wants to burn the temple and orders Vrushali, Rasik and Ketki to destroy it. On the other hand, Brinda questions Vishakha about what she wants from Dev and Vishakha replies that she won’t tell it but Dev isn’t what he looks like. Later, Brinda sees Dev with Shalakha. The latter mixes something in Dev’s drink and he drinks it. At night, Dev makes Brinda wear a locket and they romance but he takes Shalakha’s name.