Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story: Reyaansh and Pranati in their college reunion party

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The episode starts with Pranati and Reyaansh coming for party. They both quarrel and Pranati leaves first followed by Reyaansh. After coming to the party Pranati realizes that it’s their college reunion party. Everyone starts questioning Reyaansh and Pranati about their love life and child. Reyaansh spots Mallika and acts sweet with Pranati and talks happily about his family with Jugnu.

Mallika meets Reyaansh and Pranati when Pranati gets Archit’s call. She leaves to attend the call and picks up the call. Before he could speak she cuts saying that she’s bust. They recall when Pranati breaks up with Archit. He recalls Pranati saying that she wants to give her relationship with Reyaansh a chance. Mallika gets some alone time with Reyaansh and tries being close with him. Reyaansh tries making her realize but she says that she will love him no matter what. Archit keeps calling Pranati and she keeps cutting the call. Reyaansh scolds Pranati for leaving him alone.

Party starts and the anchor invites Pranati to share some words. Pranati says about her love for Reyaansh. She’s about to say about their breakup and Reyaansh notices Mallika watching them. He snatches the mike from her and cooks up a story ending that now they have a happy ending. He signals Mallika and she keeps quite. The anchor announces for dance of Pranati and Reyaansh as they were hit dance pair during college times. Pranati and Reyaansh starts dancing and Mallika fumes seeing it. Pranati talks about Jugnu’s school admission to him.

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Daadi asks Jugnu how will she get school admission as she needs to attend interview. She says about her early days where she was a bad ass who threatens anyone who orders her including her mother in law. Jugnu keeps knife on her neck and says that now she understood where she got the daring personality from and starts running away. Reyaansh gets Mallika’s video call and goes near Pranati. He attends the call and Mallika cuts the call fuming seeing them together. Reyaansh apologizes and is about to leave when Archit calls Pranati. She ignores it and asks him to concentrate on his work. He attends the call and behaves close with Pranati.

Archit cuts the call hurt while Pranati scolds him for hurting Archit. She says that she’s staying away from Archit so that he could move on from her. Reyaansh says that he can understand when the loved ones stay away from their loving people to not give them hurt. Pranati loos wondering at him.

Pranati admires Jugnu sleeping and recalls Jugnu saying about her struggles in ashram. She caresses her wounded hand. Jugnu wakes up and scolds her for her over caring nature and asks her to leave. Reyaansh’s brother asks Nisha to lie if someone asks about him. Nisha says that no one even asks for him and leaves.

Nisha bumps with Pranati and asks if she needs any help. She asks if she wants to become the daughter in law of the house when Pranati says that she doesn’t have any interest in it. Nisha warns her to stay away from the house business else she would face the same fate as Reyaansh’s mother. Pranati says about Reyaansh’s mother leaving him and then committing suicide. Nisha laughs it off and asks her to keep quite as the place is filled with secrets. Pranati gets confused.

Precap : Jugnu questions Reyaansh whether his mother is also like Pranati and Pranati tries comforting him. Reyaansh gets angry at Pranati for bringing his mother in talks.

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