Nazar 10th February : Piya troubles Ansh being Visharika

Nazar 10th February 2020 Upcoming story and Twist on

The episode begins with Ansh asking Piya how could she get ready for the union as they’re supposed to do drama to fool Mohana. Piya says that she is not doing any play as she really wants to get married. She states that only if she has married her abilities will be doubled. She asks him to become a Visharika as well as being accountable as Daivik or Davansh isn’t any pleasure.

Ansh agrees and comes close to her. He holds her and says he knows well it is Visharika who is controlling her and she loves him very much. He handcuffs her much to her shock. He reminds her of the time when she did the same when he became Kaali Shakti ki Raja and leaves the place. Piya fumes.

Mohana inquires Pandit if they could do the union in the day time but Vedashree and others says it is not feasible. It is said that good time is just in the day and Natasha won’t be even aware of it. Mohana informs that she informed Natasha and they’re on the way.

Pandit too says that the entire day it’s fantastic time and they can do it daily time also. The family becomes stunned while Mohana asks him to begin the preparations. Pandit pours Ganga Jal and it drops Mohana making her scream in pain. She recalls her Dayan ago but the family convinces her that it is just her hallucinations.

Vedashree signals Chaitali to find the medicine. Piya gets reminded of her abilities and easily gets released from the cuff. She sees plants and has an idea.

Chaitali comes back and says she could not locate any medicine. They notify Ansh of the exact same and Ansh understands that it’s Piya’s plan. He asks them to divert Mohana while he receives the medicine. He belongs to Piya and has shocked seeing her published. He also see all of the medication broken and worries what to do. Piya says that she will manage Mohana and asks him to not get tensed. Ansh having no choice agrees to Piya.

The Rathods was able to divert Mohana’s focus with Natasha’s entrance and all gets moved for the wedding. Piya and Ansh comes dressed as a bride.

On the other hand Nishant states they are committing a blunder by maintaining Mohana from forces ss if she loses her power then Piya will forever be Visharika. He sends a voice message into Ansh. The two Ansh goes to the various bride and groom and begins the marriage proceedings. Ansh tries his best to stop it until the night reaches Piya foils his plan.

Afterwards Chaitali acts fainting and Ansh convinces Mohana to cure Chaitali and Mohana agrees half hearted. However Piya foils it too by giving her a bitter medicine. Ansh stands helpless.

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