Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : Mishti and Abir’s sangeet gets interrupted

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th February 2020 Upcoming Story and

The episode begins with Kuhu entering in the Rajvansh Mansion dance. She goes to Abir and covers his eyes with a black fabric. Kunal asks her what she’s doing. Kuhu informs them that this is Abir’s initial challenge. All Maheshwaris come Mihti. Kuhu orders to switch off the light and that’s done then she predicts some women inside. All of these have their face covered with the gungath and one is Mishti. Abir must find her.

Everyone cheers for Abir while he struggles to find Mishti. He asks for help and only then he hears Mishti laughing. Everybody gets silent. Abir grabs a woman’s hand and Parul eliminates her gungath revealing that she’s Mishti only. Everybody smiles.

Abir takes blessing from Vishambharnat and Rajshri. Mishti tells him that there’s not any use in buttering them because they have a kickass theme. Nidhi asks Kuhu to show the subject today.

Kuhu claims that during a wedding everyone celebrates. Kunal claims that it was predictable and Kuhu answers they aren’t going to celebrate wedding just like everyone else but it’s the person who’s going to celebrate separation to be the winner. Abir and Kunal get amazed. Mishti asks them if they’ve already given up. Rajshri asks what type of theme this is and Kuhu answers saying it is unique.

Mishti informs Abir it was her idea and asks him how he enjoyed it stating that she’s sure that there can not be a bigger surprise than this for him. Abir replies that they’ll see.

Abir and Mishti begin dancing “Chor bazaari”. Kuhu and Kunal dance also and then others join too.
In the end everyone claps. Vishambharnat compliments the Rajvanshs for catching the rhythm of this tune and winning the contest. Kuhu claims that both Nidhi and Jasmeet were the very best and Varsha agrees.

Kunal whispers in Kuhu’s ear that she’s lost and loser ought to be given a punishment but Kuhu does not take it and asks to change the music since she wants to conquer Rajvanshs at any price tag. Abir says he has lost everything. Nidhi asks him to lose it after the Sangeet because they would like to win now.
Shaurya asks beverage to a server that has a suspicious look.

Kuhu dances on “Tu cheez badi hai mast mast”. Kunal looks at her grinning and joins her. Nanu, Nidhi and her husband join them also. Everyone claps at the end.
Ketki informs Mishti that it’s her turn now.

Mishti goes upstairs and celebrities singing”Saathya”. Abir goes to her and holds her hands carrying her downstairs and singing also. They dance together while everyone adores them. They imagine being lonely and Abir chasing her. Abir grabs Mishti and kisses her forehead. They make heart with palms and then Abir lifts Mishti up and twirls with his woman in his arms. They return in the reality when everyone claps for them.

Shaurya admits that Mishti has won this round. Mishti goes to Abir and informs him that the operation was for him because she wanted to do something special.

Music is performed again and this time everyone dances on”Tamma Tamma”. Abir attracts Rajshri and Vishambharnat on the dance floor but the latter stops him. Everybody looks on and then Vishambharnat begins dancing alone. The others begin dancing again also.

Everybody is dancing along with the chandelier upon them is going to drop. Vishambharnat notices it and yells Mishti’s name since she’s under it. The chandelier drops but Abir pushes Mishti off on time. Everybody rushes to them. Mishti is fine but Abir’s hand got hurt and is bleeding.

Kunal and Shaurya grab a waiter who was going to escape. Nanu goes to him and removes his fake mustaches recognizing that it is Lakshman who works for Meenakshi. Kunal asks him that sent him. Abir says he was paid not to tell anything he will not reveal.

Lakshman swears he has not done anything with the chandelier. Kaushal shows a candle that was close to the rope of this chandelier. Kuhu asks Shaurya to call the police. Abir inquires Lakshman if Meenakshi delivered her. Rajshri stops him and says that she’d kept the candle there and blames herself for what happened. Kaushal claims it was an accident then but Abir claims that the chandelier an individual may be an accident but Lakshman is there for a motive only.

Meenakshi comes and says he is right because she called Lakshman there because she wanted to become a part of the Sangeet, actually she requested him to demonstrate the party through video call. She asks Abir to trust . Vishambharnat states that whatever happened was an accident only and asks Abir to take rest because he got hurt. Meenakshi is going to go to Abir however he leaves. Mishti believes that Abir is quite angry.

Nanu is going to apologize to Vishambharnat for what happened but he states that it was no one’s mistake. Maheshwaris leave.

Kuhu is about to speak with Kunal but he belongs to Abir. Kuhu believes that like normal Kunal was going to speak to her all this happened and he does not even remember her now.

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