Nima Denzongpa Upcoming Story: Will Virat fulfill Priyal’s demand?


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In the previous episode we saw; Mona said to Priyal she was pregnant. It was not a easy work to give birth to a child. Priyal said to her she will do anything for Virat and he was matter to her. Mona asked her to think about her life and escape from there. She shoved her and said she was dead for her when did she threw her out of the house.

Mona said she was like mom to her. Priyal denied it to made her feel she raised a snake. Later Nima complained to Sia she hidden about Shiv matter from her. Sunita returned Virat’s money to him made Gulshan felt guilty for misunderstood Nima’s family.

Gulshan asked them to took that money. Later Priyal refused to eat food but Virat asked her to eat it for baby’s sake. He warned her that he can use medicine to keep that baby alive.

Later Virat got a nightmare like Priyal pointed gun at him. Nima found that Priyal escaped from her room tying bodyguards in her room.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Priyal will threaten Virat and Nima to kill herself pointing gun at her. They will laugh at her saying its fake gun. Priyal will break the glass pieces and threaten to kill herself. She will demand Virat to marry her. Nima will try to convince him but he agree to marry Priyal shocking Nima.

What will happen next?

Will Priyal marry Virat?

When will Priyal get exposed?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates..