Pandya Store 10th March 2023 Written Update: Chiku’s revelation shocks Dev and Rishita

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Krish chases Prerna to apply colour on her. He says that no one save her from him. Prerna goes to Krish then applies colour on him and says that she don’t want not to be get caught by him. She also makes her face apply colour on her by rubbing Krish’s cheeks. Krish hugs Prerna. Shesh enters the house to ask Rishita’s permission to use some other colour. Shweta asks him about Krish. Shesh rudely replies to her then leaves after troubling her. Shweta chases him. Here Prerna expresses her worry that Shweta may snatch their happiness.

Krish asks Prerna to not to worry because after Dhara tells the kids to the truth Shweta can’t do anything to them. They both then starts playing Holi. Krish pours colour on Prerna. Shweta arrives there. She spots Krish and Prerna together but fails to recognize Prerna. Krish puts up an act infront of Shweta when the latter question him who it is. She then looks at Prerna and questions her. Prerna rudely replies to her then moves aside.

Shweta goes to Krish and asks him to play colour on her face too. Prerna decides to teach a lesson to Shweta. She takes sand in her hand and goes between Shweta and Krish. She acts like she is scolding Krish and applies Shweta on her face. Shweta struggles to open her eyes. Prerna uses this opportunity to go near Krish and wish him Happy Holi then kisses his cheek then leaves the place.

Shweta asks someone to help her. Krish leaves from there. Here, Gautam and Dev applies colours on each other and tries to stop the other from applying more colour. Suman looks happy and says after seven long years this house is filled with full of happiness. Chiku, Shesh and Mithu arrives there. Shesh demands to fill his water gun first saying Chiku that he must have played every year but this is the first time he is playing Holi. Chiku reveals that this is the first time he is playing Holi because Dhara told him when the family members arrives they will play Holi with them. Dev and Rishita gets shocked hearing it.

Dhara arrives there and distracts Chiku from talking more. She then takes Suman’s blessings. Suman applies colour on both Dhara and Rishita then inquires about R aavi. Dhara says Raavi is with Shiva. Other side Shiva tells Raavi that she is going to play Holi with this family. He also says that he feels after many years he is playing Holi. Raavi gets sad but lies to him saying he used to play Holi every year with him but this year she wants him to play Holi with her only. Shiva tells Raavi that she is as much as important to him as the rest of the family.

In the house Dhara sees Rishita is checking her phone often to see the test results. She prays to God. Chutki arrives there. Dhara asks the kids go out and play Holi. Chiku Shesh and Mithu gangs up against Suman to spray water on her using their water gun. Dhara expresses her happiness with Gautam seeing Suman happy. Chutki tells even she wants to play Holi and asks the Pandya’s where is water gun. Chiku Shesh and Mithu hides their water gun so that Chutki won’t snatch it from them.

Chutki pours water on Rishita then tells even she wants to play Holi like all of them because she never got an opportunity to play Holi with her family except in her shooting spot. Rishita worries Chutki’s health may deteriorate because of the colours so asks Dev to convince her. Dev tries to convince but Chukti remains stubborn. Dhara Gautam even Rishita fails to convince Chutki. Chutki fights with Shesh for the water gun. Everyone looks worried. Dhara brings flowers and convinces Chutki to play Holi with the flowers because she is unique. The kids gets irked seeing the elders special care for Chutki.

Precap: Dhara asks Rishita to not to worry because after the test results comes whoevers kidney matches they will donate it to Chutki as she is part of their family too. Chutki gets shocked hearing it. Later Shweta asks the Pandya’s about Chutki’s whereabouts. Rishita realises it’s Chutki who heard her and Dhara’s conversation and expresses her worry. Shweta threatens Dhara to worry about Chiku as he will also learn the truth. Dhara looks on shocked.