Pandya Store 13th March 2023 Written Update: Suman learns about Chutki’s whereabouts

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 13th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev Rishita and Krish inquires Raavi whether she saw Natasha? Shiva asks who is Natasha? They all gets shocked. Rishita lies that she is here to talk to Raavi and takes her aside. Both Rishita and Raavi discusses about whatever happened about Chutki and Shweta. Raavi suggests that she will drop Shiva in Pandya Store that they search for Chutki. Rishita worries that Shweta may find Chutki first. Both Rishita and Raavi sees Shiva is watching them so they forces a smile on their face.

Shiva questions Dev what’s happening between Rishita and Raavi. Dev asks Shiva to not to pay attention to their wife’s talk. Raavi informs Rishita that she fed Shweta the baang laddoo. Rishita gets relieved learning that Chutki and Chiku isn’t around Shweta at that time. They both then worries that it may take time for Shweta to become intoxicated state. Shiva goes to Raavi and Rishita what’s happening here. What they are hiding from him. They all says nothing. Raavi tells that she can’t hide anything from Shiva anymore which shocks Dev Rishita and Krish. Shiva urges Raavi to tell the truth.

Here Suman searches for the kids. She warns God to not to trouble them anymore then goes to search for the kids. Kantha arrives there and tells Suman about Natasha’s whereabouts also learns Chutki is pain. She decides to check up on Chutki and goes behind Kantha. Raavi acts and says someone tried to pelt stones at their Store. She further adds that they failed to fulfill the responsibility which Dhara gave them. Shiva gets furious whereas Dev Rishita and Krish gets relieved. Shiva decides not to spare whoever done this to his shop. Krish accompanies Shiva while Dev Rishita and Raavi goes to search for Chutki. Shweta stops Suman in midway and demands her to bless her in her intoxicated state. When Suman refuses Shweta creates a scene. Shiva gets stopped hearing Shweta’s voice. Krish gets tensed. Shiva tells Krish that he heard the voice before.

Krish manipulates Shiva saying he is under the pressure learning about their shop state so asks him to check up there while he will see what’s happening here then goes to Suman. Gautam Dhara Dev and Rishita also reaches there. Shweta forcibly dances with Dhara and Rishita. She then takes Krish to dance with him. Suman scolds Shweta. Dhara wonders what happened. Rishita says it’s Raavi who fed Shweta the baang laddoo. They all gets relieved that Shweta didn’t met both Chutki and Chiku. Chiku Shesh and Mithu arrives there to splash water on their family.

Gautam proudly talks about their bond with one another. Dhara agrees with Gautam saying because of Raavi only Shweta failed to tell Chiku that he is adopted. Chiku Shesh and Mithu gets shocked hearing it. Chiku leaves the place crying followed by Shesh and Mithu. Suman informs Chutki is in Kantha’s house. Rishita decides to meet Chutki and tell her the truth before Shweta comes to her senses and goes with Kantha.

Dhara tells now that Shweta didn’t tell Chiku the truth, she will tell him the truth at any cost and goes to find Chiku. Chiku cries recalling Suman’s behavior towards him also Dhara getting upset over him for his mischievous acts to trouble other’s. Mithu asks why Chiku is crying. Shesh tells that Chiku must be scared his mother is going to treat him in differently just how they sees it in the movies. Chiku imagines Dhara treating him bad. He then tells Shesh that Dhara won’t do anything such to him. Shesh tells mother’s love is like a maths exam no matter how much they try one day they’ll fail. Chiku cries hard.

Precap: Chiku packs his bags to leave the house without informing Dhara. Dhara learns that Chiku learned his identity truth. She prays God to protect Chiku from taking any wrong decisions. Chiku joins hands with Shesh and Mithu. All three of them walks ahead.

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