Pandya Store 17th February 2022 Written Update: Shiva challenges Raavi


Pandya Store 17th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara teasing Shiva. She asks him if they should get him and Raavi married again in the temple as he has come out of Raavi’s room in the morning. Shiva says that what eyes sees isn’t always the truth. He says that Raavi is a deceiver and she believes her. Raavi says that Shiva spend the night in her room. Shiva says that Raavi is talking nonsense and asks Dhara to not believe her. Dhara smiles. She says that he needn’t to explain. She leaves.

Shiva asks Raavi what she wants to prove by doing all this. Raavi says that she can’t let their love lose, Shiva has to be his. Shiva says to Raavi to prove that she didn’t sign the divorce papers and she is innocent. He leaves. Raavi says that she has to make Prafulla confess that she’s responsible for the divorce.

Janardan and Kamini meet the sage and take his blessings. Kamini says that they brought feast for offering and requests him to accept it. The sage says that Pandyas are bringing the feast. Kamini requests the sage to accept their feast as they brought. She says that God doesn’t differentiate. The sage agrees. He says that he will accept Pandyas feast as he spoke to them. He says that he will ask to offer their feast in any other temple. The sage asks his assistant to find if Pandyas reached with the feast. Pandya are on their way. They are happily singing.

Janardan assures Kamini that the feast prepared by them will be offered. He says that Pandyas family car can break down like and smirks. Kamini smiles. Pandyas vehicle passes over the nails bed placed on the road and the tyre gets punctured. Shiva checks what happened and finds the nails bed. He informs the family about the same. They get worried.

Dhara’s gets the priest call. He asks where they’re. Dhara says that they’re on the way in the tempo. Dhara hangs the call and says that they have to reach the temple in 10 mins at any cost. Dev and Krish get a handcar. Gautam says that there are lot of food and it won’t fit in this. He says that they have to find any other solution. Shiva and Gautam look at each other.

In the temple Kamini and Janardan arrange the feast in the plate. Kamini says that even God wants that their feast to be offered. Suman is worried that they’re getting late and wondered where the brothers have gone. The priest informs the sage that Pandyas haven’t brought the feast yet. The sage that they can’t miss the offering timing because of Pandyas anf says to tell Janardan to get his feast. Other side Pandyas brothers bring a jeep. Dev says that they knew that their relatives would create any trouble for them, so they had a plan B. They put the food in the jeep.

The sage started the God’s puja. Janardan and Kamini are approaching with their feast in hand. Pandyas also reach there with their feast. Dhara is holding it. Kamini and Janardan look shocked. Shiva glares at them. Suman calms him down. The Pandyas hand their feast to the sage. Prafulla watches this hiding. Kamini and Janardan leave taking their feast. Pandyas finish praying to God and share a group hug. Prafulla laments that her plan flopped. Janardan wonders how the pandyas reached in time. Rishita comes to her dad and confronts him.

Rishita says that her family is right about him. She says that she is fed up of defending him. The sage calls out Rishita and says that this not the right way to talk with her dad. Rishita says that he doesn’t know what all Janardan did with her family. The sage defends Janardan. He says that he lost trust on Pandyas after the mistakes they have done. He says that Janardan didn’t do anything wrong. He has come voluntarily. They should apologize to them as they have increased his work. Janardan rejoices that Pandyas will apologize to him publicly.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shiva accuses Raavi of bringing the snake inside the house. Krish and Rishita checks the CCTV footage to find the truth. Raavi vows to prove her innocence. Suman gives her a week for that.

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