Pandya Store 1st March 2023 Written Update: Dev prays for Rishita and Chutki’s reunion

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 1st March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara tells Raavi that Suman stayed away from her children for the last seven years. She then asks her will she accept if they take her kid from her? Raavi asks Dhara to shut her mouth and asks her why the daughter in law’s has to get accused of the family members getting separated why not the son’s of the house? She also says that Dhara never accepted them as her family. Dhara gets shocked. Meanwhile Natasha and Shweta dances together. The former sits on the bed.

Dhara tells Raavi she never understand them at all even after she stayed with since her childhood. She also tells Raavi she don’t have to prove anything about her concern for Shiva’s health. Natasha tells Shweta that she is hungry. Shweta decides to take Natasha outside to have food. Dhara and Raavi stops their argument seeing Natasha. Raavi taunts Dhara then leaves. Natasha tells Shweta that she don’t want to be in near of bad aunt by pointing at Rishita. Rishita gets upset. Dev prays God to reunite Chutki and Rishita.

Two men arrives and asks Dhara whether she want the box or not. Dhara asks them to take it inside. They both lifts and finds it too heavy. Prerna gets upset hearing the men words from inside the box. Shweta stops them and opens the box. Prerna gets scared. Suman scolds Shweta which lead the latter to close the box. Natasha tells Shweta that they can go and have food.

Shweta takes her from there. Dhara realises that she left Prerna so she goes to search for her. Shweta asks her if she needs any help. Dhara scolds her then leaves. She searches for Prerna everywhere and gets worried not finding her anywhere. She then asks the kids about Prerna. Chiku tells him he saw her nearby truck. Dhara calls Prerna. The family members gets confused wondering whose mobile is ringing. Suman asks whoevers phone to answer the call. Shweta also agrees with her. Prerna switches off her phone. Dhara again tries contacting Shweta but when her number goes to voice mail she gets confused.

Prerna comes out of the box which the two men kept it in Raavi’s room. Raavi gets shocked seeing Prerna. Prerna asks her to remain silent and says just like Raavi who loves Shiva she loves Krish so she can’t let Shweta goes near Krish at any cost. Raavi understands that Dhara is behind all this. She tells Prerna just like the latter once upon a time she used to follow Dhara blindly but later she realised her mistakes then leaves the room angrily. Raavi confronts Dhara about Prerna. Dhara gets happy learning Prerna entered the house. She then gives Raavi the responsibility to not to let Shiva come to their house until she throws Shweta out of the house also the house she rented for them. Raavi gets upset.

Later Dhara brings Prerna’s things inside the house without anyone’s knowledge. Shweta notices the bags and thinks it’s Dhara’s then leaves. At night Shweta is in Krish’s room. Krish arrives there and throws her an expensive necklace and calls her a greedy fox. Shweta mocks at him and tries to get closer to him. Prerna watches this from hiding. She gets annoyed seeing Shweta’s interaction with Krish. Krish scolds Shweta then comes out of the house. He gets shocked and surprised seeing Prerna there. Prerna asks him to be quiet. Krish tells her if Shweta learns she is here then they will land in huge trouble. Chutki arrives there and greets Prerna ‘Hi aunty’. Both Krish and Prerna gets shocked. Meanwhile Shweta hears this and wonders who Natasha is greeting.

Precap: Dhara worries about the outcome if Shweta learns Prerna is in the house. Shweta tells the day she finds Prerna in the house she will again destroy the Pandya’s relationship with each other.

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