Pandya Store 22nd January 2023 Written Update: Dev, Shiva and Krish return to Pandya Nivas


Pandya Store 22nd January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev and Rishita recalling past incidents. Rishita faints. Dev holds her. Shesh asks Dev if they’re going to the house in front of them. Dev says yes. He goes inside. Shiva and Raavi return to Somnath. Shiva asks why they traveled by bus to go to the Somnath temple which is near their house. Raavi says that they were in Vadodara. This is Somnath. Shiva refuses to believe it. He goes to Pandya Nivas. Raavi recalls the past incidents on seeing the Pandya house. Mithu bumps into Shesh. Shesh falls. He scolds Mithu and pushes him down. Mithu falls, shouting, Mumma, which brings Raavi to reality. Dev scolds Shesh. Mithu runs to Raavi and hugs her.

Rishita notices Raavi and Dev notices Shiva. They become emotional. Shiva asks Dev if he has gone out, where he has gone. Shiva hugs Dev. Kuch nai song plays in the BG. Shiva says that he has embraced him since their childhood, but this time he feels different. Dev hugs Shiva back, crying. Dev says that these seven years passed like seven million years. Shiva meets Shesh and asks Rishita and Dev why they make Chutki wear boy’s clothes. Rishita says that this isn’t Chutki, but their son, Shesh. Shiva runs inside Pandya’s house while Rishita, Raavi and Dev stand outside and recall their happy moments in Pandya’s house. Yaadein song plays in the BG. They enter the house one by one.

Just then, Krish arrives in a car. Shiva smiles at seeing Krish while Dev glares at him. Krish sees them and recalls Dev and Dhara slapping and blaming him for Shweta kidnapping Chutki. Shiva goes to Krish and says that he looks good. He says to Dev that it seems that they’re meeting after years. He hugs Krish. But Krish doesn’t hug him back. He breaks the hug. Shiva asks Krish when he has finished college. Krish asks Shiva if he is fine. Shiva says yes. Shiva says to Dev that he is feeling happy after meeting them. Rishita taunts Krish by saying that it seems he has become rich. Shiva agrees with her and says that it seems that Dhara and Gautam increased their pocket money. Dev asks Rishita if they can go inside. Rishita says to Dev not to get emotional on meeting Gautam and Dhara.

The door bell rang. Gautam asks Chiku to see who has come while he will make a burger for him. Chiku runs and opens the door. He smiles, finding the rest of Pandya’s family. They all look at him confused. Chiku shouts and asks Gautam to come faster. Gautram runs o him. He is surprised to see the rest of his family standing at the doorstep. He smiles. Chiku gets a party popper buster. He happily welcomes his aunts and uncles. He says that his family has become complete now. He is about to burst the popper. Shesh and Mithu hold it. The kids fight for the popper. The popper bursts.

Raavi pulls Mithu to him while Rishita pulls Shesh to her. She says that Chiku is acting like Dhara. He wants to welcome them when Suman is unwell. She asks if he is Chiku. Chiku replies yes. He says that he is Chiku, Gautam Dhara Pandya. Shiva is surprised that Chiku has grown up. Rishita says whatever. She pushes Chiku to the side and walks inside the house. Gautam holds Chiku and says to Rishita that he can understand her anger towards him, but he won’t tolerate it if she misbehaves with Chiku.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara says to Suman that her sons have returned after knowing she’s critical. So, she asks Suman to pretend to be unwell for them. Suman obliges when the Pandyas brother storm into the room. Dhara smiles, looking at them.

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