Pandya Store 23rd February 2022 Written Update: Suman humilates Anita by arranging her swayamvar


Pandya Store 23rd February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prafulla drinking the spiked drink. Raavi thinks in mind that the drugs will work slowly and the truth will also come out slowly. Raavi comes out and sees the Pandyas dancing. Raavi thinks in mind that Shiva is doing all this to make her jealous. Raavi also dances with Shiva. The latter stops dancing and comes in.

The clients liked Rishita’s presentation. They say that they will think and tell them their decision. They leave. Sagar orders a tomato juice, paneer matter masala and a noodles. Rishita asks how he knows her favorite food. Sagar says that it’s obvious as they have been working together since many days. Rishita tries call Dev and gets upset when she can’t reach him.

Prafulla welcomes the Pandyas in. She says that she made best arrangement for them. Suman thinks in mind that Prafulla always created a scene in her house and now it’s her turn. Rishita thinks in mind that she can’t talk to Dev because of Sagar’s back to back meeting and now he doesn’t answer the call. She decides to text him. Rishita apologizes to Sagar for disturbing him. She says that Dev isn’t answering the call. Sagar says that it’s fine. He asks if Deva and Rishita haven’t thought about moving omewhere outside the city. Rishita says that she wanted it, but for Dev, his family matters the most and for her Dev, so they had to stay back. Rishita asks about Sagar’s personal life. Just then Rishita gets Krish’s call and asks about her official trip to Ahmedabad. Rishita asks how she knows it. Kriti is about to say Krish told her, but stops. Krti says that she’s happy for her and Dev must be too. Rishita asks if Dev called her. Kriti denies. Krish says that she called to enquire about her job. Rishita says that everything is fine. She hangs the call on seeing Sagar waiting for her.

Suman calls out Anita. The latter looks scared. Suman asks Anita to take her blessings. Dhara thinks in mind if they haven’t come to punish Anita. Dhara says to Suman that Raavi will prove her innocence today. They have come for that. If she has a plan, it can ruin Raavi’s plan. Suman says that they have to dance on the baarat. Prafulla asks if she got a shock with Raavi’s leaving the house. This is a break up party. Dhara looks confused. Just then a few men arrive there dressed up like groom. Suman thinks in mind that Prafulla always humilated her family, now she will humiliate her daughter.

Raavi says that they must have come to the wrong adress. Suman asks Raavi to shut her mouth. Suman says that they have come with band baaja baarat which will be the groom, who will get married. Prafulla says that Suman lost her mind. She asks Suman where the bride then. Suman says that Anita is the bride shocking Prafulla, Anita and Dhara. The latter asks Gautam what’s happening. Gautam says that this is Suman’s plan and asks her to enjoy the party.

Shiva asks the grooms to present themselves to Anita. The first present himself as Vinay and says that he is father of two kids. He asks if he will marry her. All smiles. The next boy present himself as a dancer. Suman says that she brought five grooms for Anita and asks to choose one among them. Suman says to Anita to get ready for the wedding as she was eager to marry Gautam, but she won’t get Gautam and asks to get married to anyone of the grooms. Prafulla says that she finds the grooms and asks Anita to choose one. Anita asks Prafulla to get married in that case. Raavi gets worried and says to Suman that they will do her party related to her divorce first. Suman shuts Raavi and says that her work will be done first.

Suman says that this is Anita’s swayamvar and Anita will get married to one of them. Anita refuses. She shouts that she doesn’t want to marry any of them and asks them to get out. Suman says to Anitavthat Gautam also didn’t want to marry her, but she forced him. She even wanted to become his child’s mother. Suman asks Anita to get ready for her wedding. Anita falls on Suman’ feet and says that she doesn’t want to get married. She apologizes to her. Dhara warns Anita to stay away from Gautam. The latter says to Anita that he will never marry her and will be with Dhara in his all seven lives. Raavi thinks of doing something before her plan gets flopped due to Anita.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raavi takes Prafulla’s lie detector test to prove her innocence. She asks Prafulla if she made her sign the divorce papers by duping her.

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