Pandya Store 23rd March 2021 Written Update: Dev confesses the truth to his family

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 23rd March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiva and Krish bringing the haldi water to Raavi. The latter says that it seems Shiva accepted this marriage and adds that he’s lucky to get to see such a cute face every morning. Prafula holds the water pot to take it from Shiva’s hand. Shiva notices Suman’s bangle in Prafula’s hand. The pot gets dropped and the water splashes on Raavi. Shiva holds a broken pot piece before it could hurt Raavi. The latter complains that Shiva can’t even handle a pot and she could have got hurt.

Meanwhile Dhara asks Dev to touch the churni as a part of the ritual. Dev refuses to touch it. He asks Dhara to stop the marraige because he loves someone else. Dhara and Gautam look shocked.

Prafula scolds Dev for dropping the water pot. He tells that she has dropped the pot when she tries to hide the bangle. He says that he will come back to get his mom’s bangle and leaves. Raavi says that Shiva isn’t bad.

Dev says that he loves Rishita and not Raavi. Dhara feels dizziness, and Gautam holds her. Dhara asks Dev how he can love someone else, she saw him growing close to Raavi and receiving calls from R. He roamed with her on bike and used to drop her at the college. Dev says that Dhara asked him to drop her and also he considered Raavi as a good friend. He requests Dhara to stop the marriage.

Gautam gets angry and holds Dev’s collar, but Dhara calms him down saying she will talk to Dev. Dhara says that since childhood Raavi loves him and the whole city is aware of it, they thought that he also loves her, but he’s not confessing it. She asks why he was quite when the marriage got fixed. Dev says that he couldn’t tell the truth, because everytime he wanted to talk to them about it, the sacrifices they have done for this family stopped him. He also adds that Rishita will give her life, if marries someone else. He pleads with them to stop the marriage and cries.

Dhara says that he can’t see Dev crying. Shiva and Krish come there and asks what happened. Gautam says that Shiva loves Janardhan’s daughter, Rishita and doesn’t want to marry Raavi. Shiva laughs and jokes. Krish says that Suman was happy with this marriage. Dev says that he tried his love for their happiness, but he failed and begs Dhara to save the three life from getting ruined.

Gautam asks Dev if he has thought about Raavi, she’s very happy with this marriage. Shiva says that he warned him to stay away from Raavi, and not encourage her, but he didn’t listen. He had let her grow closer to him.

Gautam receives Janardhan’s call. He says that he has fixed his daughter’s marriage with someone else and threatens to kill his three brothers, if Dev tries to meet Rishita. Dev requests Shiva to understand him. Shiva says that Dev should understand, if the wedding is called off, Prafula will blame Dhara and she will get another reason to taunt her whole life. Dhara cries saying she doesn’t what to do. Gautam comes there and says that this marriage will happen. Dev says that he loves Rishita. Gautam says that it’s too late now. He asks them to concentrate on the marriage’s preparation and Suman shouldn’t know about it.

Dhara tries to make Gautam understand that Dev isn’t happy with this marriage, but Gautam stays firm in his decision. Krish asks how dev could lead a happy life marrying a girl whom he doesn’t love. Gautam tells about his and Dhara’s marriage as an example and says that Dev will learn to love Raavi.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dev and Shiva argue regarding the marriage. Rishita begs her bua to stop her marriage. Bua asks her to pretend to agree for the marriage, she will handle everything.