Pandya Store 25th August 2022 Written Update: Rishita questions Suman


Pandya Store 25th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suman saying that Chiku is this family’s baby till he is with Dhara. Dev declares that Chiku’s naming ceremony will take place that day. Dhara refuses. She says that it’s only Chutki’s special day. Rishita says that Dhara is aware of this and asks to stop her drama.

Suman says that she will decide Chiku’s name and asks Dhara to choose Chutki’s name. Dev says to Rishita to accept the name Dhara will choose. Rishita reminds him that if she doesn’t like the suggested name, she will keep her choice of name. Dhara says to let Rishita choose Chutki’s name. Suman asks Krish to get the stick. Dhara Saachi. All likes that name except Rishita’s family. Suman says that it’s finale that Chutki’s name is Saachi and names Chiku as Yashodan. Just then Raavi comes back home. She says that she bought a pendant and earrings for Chutki with her earning. She gifts them to Chutki. Suman says that they should most importantly give Chiku their family values and love.

Guests taunt Raavi. One lady says that Raavi is excited to earn money that she forgot to even change clothes. Another says that Raavi earns money to make dance Suman to her tune. Suman asks Dhara to sit in the puja. Dhara hesitates. Dev makes Dhara sit. Dev puts Saachi in the cradle. Shiva asks Yashodan to rock the cradle to his sister Saachi. Dhara rocks the cradle holding Chiku’s hand. Rishita looks unhappy. Pandyas perform Janmashtami puja.

Rishita laments that no one supported her, not even her husband. Dev says that it’s all happened due to a misunderstanding. Rishita says that Dev has changed after baby’s birth and says that she hates it. She refuses to talk to him and leaves. Dhara says to Gautam that wrong has happened with Rishita. She was right in her place. Suman calls Dhara and Gautam downstairs and asks if everything is done for Chiku.

Dhara nods yes and asks if anything is left. Rishita and Dev come there. Rishita taunts saying that Chiku is special, not Chutki. She asks to give the property and all to Chiku. Shiva says that Chiku is just a baby and asks to not fight. Dev says to Rishita to rest in the room. Suman gives the amulet which Gautam used to wear to Chiku and the one Dev used to wear to Chutki. Raavi says to Rishita that Suman doesn’t differentiate between the kids. But Rishita accuses Suman of differentiating between her sons.

She complains that Gautam’s amulet is made of gold while Dev’s is made of silver. She demands to know why it’s different. Suman says that her dad was rich when Gautam born, but not ruch when Dev was born. Rishita says that she asked about her and not her dad. Suman says that amulet is gifted by mother’s family. She taunts for Rishita’s family not gifting the important thing to Chutki. She says that Rishita is acting childish despite becoming a mother.

Shweta plans to go to Dubai with her friend and informs her mother about the same. Shweta’s mother refuses her, but his father allows her to go. He says to Shweta’s mother to give Shweta come out of her trauma. Raavi gets a shoot offer out of the town. She rejects the offer. Dhara hears Raavi’s phone conversation and asks Raavi why she rejected the offer.

Raavi says that Shiva is already showing attitude for her working in the city and doesn’t know how he will react to work out of the town. Shiva hears this and argues with Raavi for complaining to Dhara about him. Dhara says that Shiva is having a misunderstanding. Raavi also says the same. Shiva shouts at Raavi and refuses to understand her point. Raavi says that she doesn’t care if he can’t understand. Shiva and Dhara look on shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman and Krish come to Shweta’s house. She tells Shweta’s mother that she says that Dhara’s bond is increasing with Chiku. She doesn’t want Dhara to get hurt emotionally because of Chiku. She asks either to take Chiku back or give legally Chiku to Dhara and Gautam.

The episode starts with Rishita saying to Dev that Chutki’s special day should be only her special day and Dhara should not do anything wrong to spoil it. Kamini overhears this. She enters the room and meets Rishita and the baby. Meanwhile, the client is rebuking Raavi for not coming to the shoot after receiving the advance money. Dhara says to the client that Raavi is coming to the shoot. Dhara says to Raavi to go to shoot while she will handle everything.

Raavi hesitates to leave all the preparations work on her. Dhara says that her travel will take a half hour and her shoot will be for a half hour, so she will return in an hour. Dhara instructs Raavi to take out Chutki’s dress from the bag and keep it for the puja and keep Chiku’s dress in her room. She asks Raavi to take care to not mix their clothes. Raavi obliges. However, Raavi mistakenly drops a pair of Chiku’s clothes on the plate which has Chutki’s clothes. Irish covers that plate with a cloth.

The priest tells Kamini that the priest Gajra Ji isn’t well, so he has sent him on his behalf to perform the baby’s naming ceremony. Kamini thinks of creating a drama in the puja. She tells him that there are two babies. The priest says that he was told for one baby’s naming ceremony.

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