Pandya Store 26th July 2022 Written Update: Dhara stucks in a problem while helping a sick lady and her baby


Pandya Store 26th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara getting sad recalling Krish’s confession about stealing Raavi’s earrings. Raavi comes to Dhara and calls her for her dinner. Dhara refuses to have dinner. However she serves others food. Gautam asks Dhara to have dinner with them. Dhara refuses saying that she’s not hungry Krish comes there. Suman taunts Krish. The latter bursts into tears. Dhara asks Krish why he is crying, what happened. Dhara also starts to cry. Krish hugs Dhara and apologize to her for his mistake.

Krish says that he really loved Kirti and stole at home for that. He apologizes to Dhara again. He says that he realized that Rishita was right that none girl would like to be with him. Dhara pacifies Krish and says that one day he will make them proud. Krish apologizes to everyone in the family and cries them hugging. Suman asks Krish to have food. Krish refuses and asks them to give him some time and space as he truly loved Kirti. He walks away. Dhara asks Suman if Krish will be fine. Suman says that everything will be fine.

The next day morning Dhara visits the temple and prays for Krish and the family. On her way back to home Dhara gets stuck due to a sudden rain. She sees a woman walking on the road holding her baby. She notices a tempo coming towards that lady.

Dhara rushes to that lady and saves from getting hit by the tempo. Dhara and the lady fall down. The lady gets unconscious. The baby starts to cry. Dharavtey to wake up that lady and realizes that she has high fever. Dhara takes the crying baby into her arms and shouts for help. She covers the baby with her saree pallu to protect from the rain. She looks around for help.

There at Pandya house Gautam, Dev and Shiva come back home getting fully drenched in the rain. Suman scolds them. Here Dhara makes that lady lie under a tree. She tries to look for help. She stands on the middle of the road to stop a car. She rushes the lady to the hospital with the car driver’s help. There Gautam wonders where Dhara is. He wonders if she’s with Krish. He goes check.

Here Dhara is in the hospital with the baby. The lady is getting checked by the doctor. Rishita and Dev talk about looking after their baby. Rishita gets upset when Dev says that Dhara will look after their baby. She asks Dev if he means that she’s not capable to look after their baby. Dev denies and says that they’re in a joint family, so all will look after the baby together. Gautam asks Suman if she saw Dhara.

Suman says that she thought that she was sleeping in her room. Gautam denies. Suman says that she went to the temple morning. Gautam tries to call Dhara and finds her unreachable. Gautam leaves to find Dhara. At the hospital doctor says that lady is critical and asks to go home with the baby, they will call her if there’s any improvement.

Dhara explains that she doesn’t know the lady and baby, she just helped them from getting hit a tempo. Doctor says to Dhara to help more by filling admission for and hospital fees. Dhara says that she doesn’t her and asks how she can fill the form. Doctor asks Dhara to at least pay the fees so that they can start her treating. Dhara looks on worried.

The episode ends.

Precap: Pandyas are shocked when Dhara returns home with the baby. Suman asks Dhara about the baby’s parents.

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