Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26th July 2022 Written Update: Vidhi is in trouble


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi standing in long line. She calls her Kaalu chacha to notice her but Security asks her to stop pretending like she know the person to avoid standing in line. She informs to him that she know him for real. She hears Arathi’s sound and thinks it’s already started.

Meanwhile priest says to Hariprasad that bogh is missing in pooja. His wife informs to him that Vidhi went to buy it. Priest says in sarcasm thar she might come back early today. She says let’s give another sweets first. Later Vidhi stammers to mentions bhog name in sweets stall.

Sweet seller aaks her to wait aside and think slowly till then he will sell sweets to others. Another one helps him to recognise her as Hariprasad’s daughter and give sweets to her. She takes it and leaves from there. Her chachi scolds her for being late and arathi started. Meanwhile Vidhi’s mom aak her where is she going? She informs to her that her friend marriage so she wanna buy sari.

Dev returns to his home and rushes to meet his sister. He knocks on Chithra’s door. She asks him to leave her alone. He asks her to open the door he will solve her problems. She says to him that he can’t able to solve her issues. He asks her to open up with him.

She says that she don’t wanna marry Vickram. She adds that he is adamant she fears he will stay like that life long. He consoles her that everything will be alright. Even after she got married to him she will remains princess of this house. Priya comes there and complaints that she will remain princess but Priya as servant.

He says to her that he is worried about her too. She complaints that still no beautician comes to do her make up. He says that he arranged it. She adss that no one came yet that’s the matter. He assures her that he will bring a new beautician there for her. She adss that he is a big business tycoon he gonna bring beautician for his sister. She thank him and leaves.

Chachi complaints to Hariprasad that Vidhi is very slow all are mocking at her. He asks him to teach her something. Dev calls Chachi there to appoint her as beautician. She gives phone to Vidhi to talk with him in English.

Vidhi talks with him and informs chachi that he appointed them as beautician and uniforms is in beauty parlour. She gets over excited there and asks her to assist her. Vidhi asks her to give half amount to her but she creates a scene there. Hari says that she can’t able to take young kid out for work. But his brother convince him. Vidhi’s mom gives money to her to go in auto.

Later Security didn’t let Chachi go inside without helper. She demands Vidhi to come back asap. Later Vidhi comes there security didn’t let her inside without uniform she forget that in auto. She notices Kalu chacha there and go inside using him. She gets surprised to see the big mansion. Chachi scolds Vidhi for forgetting uniform in auto. Chachi asks her to help her bring hot water. Vidhi asks helps to random people to reach kitchen.

Meanwhile Dev meets Amba there. Amba says to him that his sister gonna come to her house after house. Doesn’t he love his sister a lot? He nods amd assures her that he will do everything for her. Amba demands him to remove his sherwani. She threatens him to to do it. She asks him to heal her past. He gives her hand to him. Vidhi comes there hearing the laugh. He assures to help Vidhi there but mistakenly glass tray broke. She gets scared thinking chachi will scold her.

Episode end