Pandya Store 26th March 2022 Written Update: Suman stops Raavi-Shiva’s wedding


Pandya Store 26th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiva saying to Dhara that he iknows the truth and he isn’t intoxicated. He adds that Raavi told him the truth. He took part in their plan to hear the truth from Dhara, who always gave them lessons of truth. He thanks Dhara for telling the truth. Rishita asks Shiva if he will marry Raavi. Shiva stands silent. Dhara asks him to answer. Shiva wallks away few steps. He then goes back to Raavi and takes her with him. He plays dhol and says that he has been ready to get married since longtime, but no one asked his opinion. He smiles. Pandyas get elated on hearing this. They all dance together and share a group hug.

Shiva says that he has a condition. Pandyas get tensed. Gautam says to not get them in guilty by putting any condition which they can’t fulfill. He wants to marry Raavi when she’s in her full sense. Dev says to Raavi to take deep breath so that the laughing gas effects ends. Shiva takes Raavi apart and asks her to take long deep breath. He says that he got the effects of her love. Raavi faints saying I love you Shiva. The latter also confesses his for Raavi.

Raavi gains her consciousness and asks what happened. Pandyas puts an act. Dhara says to Raavi that Shiva got to know the truth and refused to marry her. Raavi says that then she’s leaving all of them. She begnis to walk. Shiva stops Raavi and asks her to marry him shocking Raavi. After that Raavi and Shiva start to perform the wedding ritual. They are about to exchange garlands, Suman makes her entry and says that this wedding won’t happen.

Gautam apologizes to Suman and says that they wanted to her the truth and even tried to contact her. Suman demands to stop the wedding first. Gautam says that this wedding is happening with Raavi and Shiva’s consent and asks what’s the problem. Suman scolds Dhara for making her sons support Raavi who had put cheap allegations on Shiva.

The latter says that Raavi is innocent, the matter is cleared. Suman says that Shiva will regret his decision of marrying Raavi. Prafulla agrees with Suman and asks Shiva if he will maryy Raavi, who signed the divorce papers. Raavi asks Prafulla to stop. She says that she calls her daughter, but she’s ruining her life. Suman says to Shiva to choose between her and Raavi. Dhara tries to talk, but Suman says her to be quiet. Suman asks Shiva’s answer. Shiva says that he doesn’t know what to say.

Raavi says that there’s always a problem in her wedding. She takes out a poison bottle. She says that she knows that Shiva can’t see Suman sad, he is in dilemma. She will ends his dilemma. She says him to forget her and marry a girl whom Suman will choose. She has already decided to drink this poison if this wedding doesn’t happen. Raavi drinks it and faints. Shiva shouts Raavi and tries to wake her up. Rishita checks the poison bottle and tastes it.

Prafulla cries and admits that she got Raavi’s sign on the divorce papers by deceiving and apologize to Raavi for that which shocks Suman. Anita also confesses that Raavi isn’t involved in her plan and she created misunderstanding between Shiva and Raavi as she can’t marry Gautam until Raavi is in Pandyas house. Suman looks on shocked. Suman says Anita to come to her. Anita obliges. Suman slaps Anita. She says that her daughter in law paid for Anita’s crime. Suman apologizes to Raavi for failing to understand her. She says to Raavi that her mother in law and husband will take revenge for her death.

The episode ends.

Precap: Pandyas celebrate holi. Rishita’s family come to take part in Rishita’s happiness, but Dhara insults them

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