Pandya Store 27th July 2022 Written Update: Pandyas get worried about Dhara


Pandya Store 27th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara trying to call her home from the phone in the reception, but the line is dead due to the rain. At Pandyas’ house. Raavi tries to convince Shiva. Tha latter argues with Raavi for posting everything on the social media. Raavi says that he has problem with her getting famous. Shiva denies it and asks her to get popularity by doing something good instead of this. He reads some of negative comments under Raavi’s post.

Raavi says that she gets satisfaction using social media and she doesn’t mind of any negative comments. Raavi complains that her own husband is making fun of it. Shiva denies it. He says that he finds humiliating what she’s doing.

In the clinic Dhara says to the doctor to keep the baby in the nursery as the mother will search for the baby gaining her consciousness. Doctor says that they don’t have nursery neither staff to look after the baby. Dhara refuses stating that the baby’s mother can accuse of her baby’s kidnapping. Doctor says that she will give her a letter and requests her to take the baby home for a night. Dhara refuses and begins to walk. But she stops hearing the baby’s cry.

There Gautam returns home not finding Dhara. Pandyas get worried about Dhara. At the clinic Dhara comes back to the baby and takes her) him in her arms. Here Pandyas get ready to look after Dhara. Just then Dhara returns home. Gautam says to Dhara that they’re worried for her and asks why her phone is switched off.

The baby starts to cry. Pandyas get shocked seeing Dhara with a baby. Suman asks whose baby she brought home once again. Suman asks Gautam to return the baby to their parents. Gautam asks if she got obsessed with baby again, whose baby this is. Dhara reacts angrily. She says to let her explain. She says that she didn’t bring anyone’s baby. She saved this baby and her mother.

Suman asks where baby’s mother and what she did with her. Dhara tells what happened. She says that mother is hospitalized and doctor asked her to take baby home as they don’t have any facility to keep the baby in the clinic. Suman asks Dhara to change her wet clothes. Rishita says that if Dhara gets attached with this baby, there will be again a drama. Dhara feels bad hearing this.

Suman scolds Rishita for talking about the past incident. Suman asks Raavi to give bath the baby with warm water. Raavi asks Shiva to help her. Shiva says that he isn’t expert in this. Suman says that he has to learn it sooner or later. She asks Shiva to help Raavi.

Dhara looks in the cupboard for the changing clothes. She finds a shirt of Gautam and remembers a FB in which Dhara gifts Gautam that shirt for the first time and he loved it. Dhara is about to cut it with the scissors. Gautam stops her and asks why she’s cutting his favorite shirt. Dhara says that it doesn’t fit him so their Chikku will wear it. Gautam asks who is Chikku. Dhara says that their baby.

Gautam says that this isn’t their baby. Dhara says that she is aware of this and reminds him that they have decided to look after baby till her mom gets well. She says that she’s cutting this shirt to make dress for baby as it’s material is soft and can’t get any soft cloth from shop as they’re closed. Gautam gets worried with Dhara’s attachment towards tjat baby.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman says to Dhara that she forgot household work because of this baby. She says to Dhara to not look after the baby, Raavi and Rishita will do it.

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