Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Shiva to start to hate Raavi


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Star Plus popular show Pandya Store is all set for more drama with Dhara finding an abandoned baby.

In the current story it’s seen that Shiva is in the police lock up. He writes on the wall recalling recent happenings and shouts that he hates Raavi. Other hand Prafulla confronts Anita and learns about Kamini’s plan. Prafulla asks to act Anita as she got partial amnesia in front of Raavi. Dhara discovers a baby crying and goes to get food for baby placing the baby in the temple. She asks a tea seller to give her cup tea and biscuits.

The tea seller catches Dhara when she leaves without paying the money. He refuses to give Dhara tea and biscuits without money and makes Dhara wash vessels for the broken tea glass. Prafulla gets happy learning about Dhara’s missing. Dhara meets Shiva taking food for him. Prafulla instigates Shiva against Raavi saying that he can’t be saved since only Raavi can take the complaint against him back, but she won’t as she hates him and wants to get rid off him.

She mocks Shiva and tells that Gautam is looking for Dhara, who has ran away from the hospital which shocks Shiva. Shiva thinks of getting out of the jaila anyhow.

In the upcoming episode it Dhara will be with the baby in Pandya store’s Godown . A customer will ask Kaka for some item, so the latter will come to the godown to take it. Dhara will hide herself and the baby from Kaka. Kaka will stop hearing a baby crying sound.

Will Dhara return the baby to her parents? Will Shiva get bail out? Who will save him?

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