Parineetii 11th August 2022 Written Update: Neeti apologize to Sanju


Parineetii 11th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet gets scared seeing someone in her room. She gets surprised seeing Rajeev there. He tells her that he is here to sleep in his room. He is her husband what’s there to get scared? Parineet says to him that he said to her he wanna attend meeting so she thought he won’t come.

Rajeev shares to her that he finished his meeting asap for her. He says to boss that he has personal life too. He tells her she is very good wife. Parineeti gets happy hearing him finished his meeting for her. She asks her Is he really loves her? Rajeev goes to fresh up. He appreciates himself for manages to lie with Parineet. He thinks that he shouldn’t be mention Sanju name in front of Parineet. He is just Rajeev for her.

Meanwhile Rajeev lies to Parineet that he was tired today. Parineet tells him that she will give massage to him. He denies it. He gets shock to see Neeti calling him. He attends the call and talks with her in silent. Neeti asks him Is he doing better? He nods with her. She demands him to say I love you to her. Rajeev fears to get caught. He thinks that both side his wives how will he tackle this situation. Rajeev pretends like saying I love you to her checking Parineet. She notices him talking with someone in mid night. He goes to washroom and says I love you to her. She demands him to mention her name too.

Rajeev tells her she is not understanding his situation and disconnects the call. Parineet asks him who is on call? Why did he talking on that person from bathroom? He lies to her Boss called him. He don’t wanna get scold from him infront of her that’s why he talked there. He adds that he wanna sleep early or else he will get scold morning too.

Neeti calls Parineet she thinks Rajeev will get disturbed by her call so she goes to talk with her in bathroom. Rajeev doubts who is on call why should she talk in silent? Neeti says to Parineet that she is feeling something suspicion. She asks Sanju to say I love you to her but he is whispering to her. He is staying alone there why should he bothered to say it loud. Parineet asks her where is she? Neeti narrates her situation to Parineet and tells her she doubts he may bring his friends to home. Parineet doubts may he bring his girlfriend to her home.

Neeti asks her who is that girl? Parineet assures her that she will go and check that. Neeti leaves to attend the flight. Parineet asks Neeti where did she hide key? She tells her where did she hide it? Neeti thinks that she might get answer today for her doubt or else she can’t be peaceful. Parineet enters into home and notices someone sleeping there.

She informs to Neeti he is sleeping peacefully there. Neeti asks Parineet to check whether he set pillow there to confuse them. She notices his leg and confirms that he is alone here. Meanwhile Rajeev checks that Parineet left from there and reminds how did he evesdropping her conversation. He thank God for saving him. Later Parineet notices Rajeev is not in her room and thinks that when Sanju comes Rajeev missing. When Rajeev comes Sanju missing. Is both have some connections.

She fears something is suspicious. She notices Rajeev in kitchen and asks him what’s he doing here? He lies to her that he was hungry so came here to eat something. He asks her where did she went? She lies to him that she went for a walk. Parineet regrets for suspecting him unnecessary. Rajeev thinks that he might gain their trust. He brings cake to room and tells her lets cut it reasoning it’s their anniversary. Both cuts it together. Parineet says to him it’s not their anniversary. He manages the situation.

Rajeev says to her that he wanna go to office morning so he don’t need breakfast. Next day Neeti checks Sanju’s phone and thinks she didn’t find out any photos or mails from his phone doubtfully. Sanju asks her Is she got anything? He lashes out at her for often doubting his character and portraying him as a cheater. She tells him that she love him. Sanju emotionally triggered her against Parineet. Neeti assures him that she won’t suspect him hereafter and apologize to him.

Episode end

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