Parineetii 14th March 2023 Written Update: Mehra praises Parineet in front of Neeti


Parineetii 14th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti saying that she was a fool. She has been blind these many days. Neeti takes them from there. Bajwa’s family members doubt what Neeti is doing. Neeti says that she is going to reveal what they are hiding from them these many days.

Tao ji asks her to calm down and tell, what’s bothering her. Neeti says that everyone pretended to care about her, but no one cares for her in real. Parineet asks her to behave in front of her in-laws. Neeti says that she tried a lot to bring Sanju out. She met the famous lawyer to take him out. But Parineet takes him out before her to impress everyone.

She is a mahan. She is trying to make her fall in front of them. Parineet asks her what she is trying to say. Neeti says to her that Parineet is treating her like a competition from her childhood days. She vents out her anger at her. She is trying to prove that Parineet is better than her. She snatched her happiness from her again.

Neeti ties the gantbandhan to Rajeev and Parineet. Neeti says that she is allowing them to marry again. Everyone is aware of the truth though no one reveals it to her. She is allowing her sister to marry her husband. Everyone betrayed her by hiding the truth from her.

Neeti asks Parineet why she is waiting for him? Didn’t she take pehras with Sanju in secret? She asks them to be ashamed to take Pehras in front of her. They don’t want to think about her. Neeti forces them to take Pehras together. Sanju requests her to listen to him once. Everyone is shocked to see Neeti’s attitude.

Parineet shouts at Neeti in anger. Neeti says that she betrayed her. She won’t forgive her for it. Parineet tries to blow off the fire. Neeti pushes Gurinder down in anger. She gets a panic after seeing her state. Neeti comes out of her nightmare.

Parineet asks Neeti what happened to her? She may be tired. That is why she is lost in some other thoughts. Neeti thanks Parineet for taking Sanju out on bail. Neeti manages to lie with her. Parineet asks her to confirm whether she is fine or not. She assures her. Neeti thanked God for not hurting anyone.

Meanwhile, Mehra visits Bajwa’s family. He reveals to them that the government has removed the charges against Sanju and his company. Because of Parineet, he saved his business. He narrates to them what happened. Parineet meets him in his office and says to him that Sanju is innocent. He won’t make any mistakes.

Mehra refuses to accept Sanju’s case. Parineet says to him that Sanju only visited the spot only once. Sanju was on leave. What if someone forged the material? Because of her, he concentrated on it. Parineet says that he was on leave because Neeti had fallen sick at that time.

That’s why Sanju took leave. Mehra adds that Parineet saved his company’s image. Because of her help, Sanju and Mehra’s future is ruined. Mehra praises Parineet in front of everyone. Parineet adds that she did it for Sanju. Mehra excuses them.

Mehra asks Sanju, Did Parineet have a sister? He wants to find a bride for his son like Parineet. Sanju praises Parineet in front of Mehra, which irritates Neeti. She leaves his phone on the floor. Sanju returns his phone to him. Mehra asks him to bring Parineet’s handmade food.

Tao ji praises Parineet in front of everyone. Bebe thinks that Parineet has a special talent. Monty says that Parineet is perfect in everything. Neeti is hurt to hear it. Gurinder says that Parineet did a lot for them. She can’t forget her help lifelong. Because of her, they got their son back. Parineet says that she did it considering them as her family. Neeti thinks that Sanju and his family aren’t hers.

Chandrika says that Parineet isn’t accepting the appreciation. Gurinder says that she troubled her a lot but she helped her without keeping it on her mind. She apologizes to her for it. She adds that the lawyer refuses to take his case but Parineet takes him out, proving his innocence. She hugs Parineet in happiness.

Neeti leaves there in anger. Sanju and Monty mock at Gurinder. Sanju says that she deserved this love. He thanked her for her help. Gurinder says to Sanju that she will cook his favourite food. Neeti is frustrated after being reminded of the way everyone praised Parineet. She breaks things. She says to Bebe that no one needs her. Everyone needs Parineet. She doesn’t want to stay here.

Episode end

Precap; Bebe will share a secret plan with Neeti and ask her not to betray her. Meanwhile, Parineet will worry about her pregnancy report. Sanju will bring the pregnancy report. Parineet will ask Neeti to read it.

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