Kundali Bhagya 14th March 2023 Written Update: Anjali attempts to kill Nidhi


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Episode begins with Rishabh plays with babies. Karan and Rakhi comes there. Kavya tells them that Shaurya is not listening her. Rishabh gets emotional seeing the babies. He tells Karan to go to office and he decides to spend time with babies by staying in the house. Rakhi asks Karan to take break from office because he won’t get chance to witness these moments again.

4 months later

Srishti plays with Rudraksh. Karan plays with Shaurya. Rakhi says that babies are like Karan. Srishti tells her that babies are like Preeta. Karan says that his babies are like him. Rakhi thinks that everyone become baby and smiles.

1 month later

In the jail, Anjali tells Priyanka that 5 months are over. Priyanka asks her that what’s the plan. Anjali smirks. On the other hand, Rishabh comes downstairs. He sees Srishti and Kavya playing with babies. Then Sameer plays with Rudraksh. Rishabh plays with Kavya and Shaurya.

1 month later

Anjali says that 6 months has been completed. And today she will escape to snatch Preeta’s happiness. Lady constable comes there and tells Anjali and Priyanka that they are shifting them to another jail. Anjali asks fellow prisoner that if the latter remember the plan. Fellow prisoner tells her that she remember it very well.

Kareena asks Rakhi that why the latter is not doing puja. Rakhi informs her that Preeta and Karan going to hospital for vaccination. And she told Preeta to not go today but Preeta did not listen her. Preeta comes there. Rakhi asks her to go to hospital tomorrow for vaccination. Preeta tells her that vaccination is important for babies. She assures her that nothing will happen to babies and leaves from there.

Kareena asks Rakhi to not take tension and everything will be fine. Rakhi performs puja. She drops the aarti plate when fire burnt her hand. Kareena comes there. Rakhi tells her that something bad is going to happen and cries.

Police inspector informs prisoners that the new jail will be difficult to survive. She warns them to not make any mistake there. Anjali tells Priyanka that she is going to fulfill her promise today. She thanks her for supporting her. She tells fellow prisoner that the latter will get money for helping her. Priyanka and fellow prisoner fights with each other. Police inspector tries to stop the fight. Anjali escapes from there using that chance.

Kareena tells Preeta to not go to hospital today. Preeta tells her that doctor won’t be available for tomorrow that’s why she can’t postpone the appointment. Karan and Preeta leaves the house with babies.

Anjali goes to Nidhi’s house. She tries to stab Nidhi. Nidhi tries to escape from there. Anjali hits her sister head with rod. She notices Karan calling Nidhi. Nidhi escapes from there. Anjali picks Karan’s call learns that he is going to hospital for vaccination.

Episode ends.

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