Kumkum Bhagya 14th March 2023 Written Update: Khushi testifies against Balbir


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The episode starts with the constable interrupting Balbir and Laali’s conversation and taking him away. Laali calls Khushi and asks her where is she? Khushi says to the woman with her that Laali is very angry with her.

The woman asks Khushi to not tell Laali that she gave her phone to Khushi to call the police. The woman leaves from there. Khushi says to Laali that she is right outside the police station. Laali asks Khushi to stay there and she will come in a minute.

Laali comes to Khushi and scolds Khushi for bringing Ranbir into the house. Laali says now Balbir is going to jail because of her. Laali acts as if she is crying and asks Khushi to come with her to the police station and asks Khushi to tell the police that Balbir didn’t do anything.

Laali while walking into the police station. Laali asks Khushi to tell the police that Ranbir beat her up and Balbir is protecting her from Ranbir. Laali sees that Khushi stopped coming into the police station and asked her why is that.

Khushi says she will not lie and says Ranbir was protecting her from Balbir. Laali asks Khushi to tell the cops like she said if not she will leave Khushi. Laali threatens Khushi saying if she left Khushi then some people will break her arms and make her beg on the streets. Laali asks Khushi if she wants that. Khushi says no. Laali asks Khushi to tell the cops as she told her. Khushi agrees.

Ranbir tries to call his home landline. Daljeet and Pallavi hear the landline ringing and think who will call the landline at this time? Pallavi picks up the call but the call ends by that time. Ranbir tries to call the landline again but he gets that the line is busy. Pallavi and Daljeet talk about it.

Laali brings Khushi to the police station and says to the cops that Ranbir hit Khushi. Ranbir sees that Khushi is crying and reminds she gave his word that she will not cry again. Balbir asks Ranbir to stay away from his daughter.

Balbir asks the Inspector to arrest Ranbir who had beaten his daughter. Khushi says Ranbir didn’t beat me and Balbir is the one who beat me and my mom. Laali asks Khushi to tell the truth. Khushi says it’s the truth. Balbir gets angry and tries to threaten Khushi.

Ranbir comes in front of Khushi and argues with Balbir. The inspector stops the issue and asks Constable to put them in lock up again. Khushi fries. Ranbir asks Khushi to leave and calls her family.

Laali brings Khushi out. She scolds Khushi for not supporting her. Laali asks Khushi to tell the Inspector that Ranbir has beaten her not Balbir. Khushi refuses to lie.

Laali threatens Khushi that she will leave her if she doesn’t lie. Laali asks Khushi to not come with her. Khushi begs Laali to take her but Laali refuses and throws her. Laali receives a call and she goes aside to answer.

Prachi comes there. She sees Khushi in tears. She comforts Khushi. She assures Khushi that she will get Ranbir released. She asks Khushi to not cry and they go inside the police station. Laali comes back and notices Khushi is not there and leaves.

Prachi tells the Inspector that she wants to meet Ranbir. The inspector asks what’s her relationship with Ranbir. Prachi says she comes with Khushi. She requests him to allow her to meet Ranbir so that she can know what actually happened as Khushi is stressed to reveal what happened.

Inspector says it’s true and doesn’t know why people give birth when they can handle them. Prachi asks Khushi to sit in her car. Khushi asks her to promise her that she will release Ranbir from jail. Prachi gives her word to Khushi and sends her to her car.

The inspector asks Yadav to make Ranbir meet Prachi in a meeting room. Constable brings Ranbir to the meeting room. Ranbir sees Prachi and asks what she’s doing here.

Prachi says she came here to see what he did again. She asks when he will end fight. Ranbir asks her to stop blaming him without knowing anything and tells her how Balbir beat Khushi that’s why I had a fight with Balbir and I can do anything for Khushi.

Episode ends.

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