Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th March 2023 Written Update: Gulnaaz wishes to expose Gazal


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In today’s episode, Gulnaaz comforts Noor. Noor cries and asks her if God is punishing her. Gulnaaz hugs her and says no way. Ruhan says that Noor is safe because of Dua only. Gazal hears everything and thinks that Gulnaaz must be hell angry on her due to Noor’s mishap.

Gulnaaz drags her to a corner. She lashes out at her. She says that she would kill her if any damage occur to Noor. Gazal warns her to not say anything more. Gulnaaz regrets for supporting Gazal in this plan. They starts arguing with each other. Dua comes there and claps. She slams Gulnaaz for trying to kill her.

Gazal goes to say something. Dua asks her to keep her mouth shut. She tells Gulnaaz that she gave pain to Noor instead of her. Gulnaaz recalls Noor’s words and sheds tears. Dua reminds Gulnaaz that Karma is real. She says that Noor could even die today. Gulnaaz keeps crying.

Dua warns her that her beloved would be daughter in law will burn her entire family beyond repair. Gulnaaz recalls Gazal’s deeds. Dua says that she wanted to expose both Gazal and Gulnaaz today but she didn’t, she claims that God is with her. She shows of the bangle and asks Gazal about it. She questions her for crossing all limits.

She tells Gulnaaz that she wanted to inform Noor the truth but she didn’t. She says that Gulnaaz will get her punishment when Ruhan will marry Gazal and Gazal will become her daughter in law. Gulnaaz asks Dua to stop.

Dua again congratulates Gazal for marrying Ruhan. Dua leaves the room. She thinks that it’s very important to kick Gazal out of the house very soon. Gulnaaz gets mad at Gazal. Gazal calls it an accident. Gulnaaz says that she will expose Gazal and kick her out of the house. Gazal says that Dua is instigating her. Gulnaaz refuses to hear anything. She tries to leave.

Gazal feels helpless and goes to hit Gulnaaz’s head using a flower vase. Dua holds her hand and stops her. She compares Gazal with poisonous snake. Gazal asks her to leave her hand. Dua says that she will soon beat her using sandal and kick her out of the house.

Dua prays to God to give strength to Gulnaaz so that she can expose Gazal infront of the whole family. Gulnaaz wishes to tell everything to Rahat and hopes that he will forgive her. Hina and Rahat have a discussion. Rahat tells Hina that he made a mistake by marrying Gulnaaz.

Gulnaaz hears it and gets stunned. She feels bad for herself. Ruhan comes there and hugs Hina. Hina, Rahat and Ruhan look like a complete happy family. Gulnaaz feels jelous.

Gazal comes there and shows sympathy towards her. She alerts her saying that she will be kicked out of the house if she tells the truth. She says that Rahat won’t spare Gulnaaz if he gets to know that she is involved in Dadi’s accident. Gulnaaz tries to leave.

Dua asks her to not go but inform the truth to Rahat. Gulnaaz refuses to listen to Dua. Dua says that she should have let Gazal hit her. She brings the vase and asks Gazal to hit Gulnaaz now. Gulnaaz doesn’t believe it. Dua asks both to wait for the next morning and be ready to receive a shocker. The episode ends.

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