Parineetii 1st March 2022 Written Update: Niti eloped from her house


Parineetii 1st March 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Niti says everything to Pari about what happened in her house and said she will leave by tonight at any cost. On the other hand, Pari’s aunty knocks at the door and Niti opens the door and leaves while Pari also doesn’t say anything to her. Niti comes to Vikram and says that she needs his help to fulfill her agenda of leaving the house. Vikram thinks Pari must have told her about our relationship and maybe she is planning to go away from the house with me tonight we have to run away from our house. He gets excited to think about that and plans for how they will go away from the house.

On the other side, Niti plans to go away from her house and pack her bags. She tries to go away from her house while on the other hand, Pari is thinking about Niti. At the same time Niti gets a message from Vikram that he is standing below her house. She gets happy to see him there and webs a hand to him and he says that he is ready with all the arrangements to help her out to run away from the house. Niti with the help of Vikram climbs down from the terrace when she sees her brother and says to him that I am going away from my house and you will not say anything about it to anyone.

While on the other hand, Pari is getting worried for Niti as everyone is preparing for her marriage and she knows that Niti is going to escape from the house. Vikram brings Niti in his house and says about the entire plant that he had in his mind about her. Niti says to him the way you made a perfect plan for me to escape from my house. It looks like we are going to elope together. Vikram gets disheartened thinking that she is still not aware about his feelings and she isn’t going away for him but for her dreams and achievements. Niti’s mother disowns her and says from today onwards I have no relationship with that girl and she is dead for me now. Pari for the first time uses the scooty of Niti and goes to meet her for the last time in the station because she is going to leave tonight.

Niti gets happy to see Pari is there and she feels relaxed to see her at the station while Vikram goes to bring tickets for Niti. They hugged each other and shared their feelings. Niti says to her that you have to be strong now since I am not going to be with you all the time but we are going to meet soon and I hope that you get married somewhere close to me so that we can stay together for all life. Pari and Niti prayed to god that they should get their desired person in life. Niti feels nostalgic thinking about their old moments while Pari is crying thinking that it is going away from her. Niti leaves the station and comes back home with Vikram. The family members decided not to discuss the meeting from today onwards as she is non existent for them from today.

Precap – Pari meets Rajiv again at her marriage functions while Saroj noticed them.

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