Parineetii 22nd August 2022 Written Update: Parineet spots Rakesh in hospital


Parineetii 22nd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Simi gets irritated to see the ditch in road. She complaints that road fully filled with rain water how will people walk on this road? MLA cross her in car but mistakenly dirty water splashed on her from ditch. Simi lashes out at him for driving like this without noticing her. MLA scolds her that she doesn’t know who is him? He introduces him as MLA whom passed this road construction. Simi lashes out at him for ditch everywhere in road. Parineeti’s uncle and aunt comes there and noticed Simi there. They supports Simi there and lashes out at MLA for treating a girl like this. Simi warns him that she will ruin his image in Social media and brings him down from his position using Hashtag. Parineet uncle tells him that they didn’t forget the way his son behaved in mandap. MLA ask him to do whatever he want? He leaves from there. Her uncle says that he gonna made others fool by standing in election he won’t let that happen again. Later Mandeep asks Simi to talk politely no need to talk like this. Simi asks her Is she teaching manners to her? Don’t forget they send their daughter to her house. She will teach her what’s manners. Her uncle apologize to her and takes Mandeep from there along with Simi.

Doctor informs to Parineet that she is still under shock. She already lost many blood. Parineet asks her to take her blood she will donate it for her. Doctor leaves from there to give treatment to Neeti. Compounder gives Neeti’s purse to Parineet. Later Rakesh beats Sehar for not take cared of Neeti and let her escaped from them. He adds that Election is nearing how will he tackle this situation. If Neeti opens her eyes then his life will be in mess. He adds that he doesn’t know to kidnap a girl properly. Meanwhile MLA contacts Shehar and informs to him whatever happened? MLA demands him to meet him. Sehar thinks if he find out what’s going on here then Rakesh will be in trouble. He only mentioned he is in city hospital. Meanwhile Parineet thinks she might sign in it or else they won’t start the operation. Nurse tells her she is not her blood relative so her sign not valid.

Sehar informs to Rakesh that Neeti is still alive. Rakesh tells him it’s not good news to him. Rakesh says to him that it’s important to close her mouth. She shouldn’t open her mouth against him in this election time. He adds that he might kill her. He will do it by himself. Parineet says to Nurse that she is her friend and close to her family. She is not less then a sister accept her sign and start the operation. Doctor tells her she is not her blood relation so her signature is not valid. She can’t able to break their rules of hospital for her Parineeti asks her what’s this hospital system? If their family members won’t come will they let that patient die? She is everything to her and childhood best friend of her. Both will do anything for each other. Doesn’t she ready to sacrifice herself to save Neeti then why don’t she accept her sign? She asks her to understand her situation and start the treatment. Doctor tells her she done as much as she can do! Now her bleeding stopped and treatment going on. She might alert her family members about her condition now for further treatment.

Parineet reminds about Neeti’s purse and calls Sanju. He is not attending the call. Parineet prays for Neeti’s health and ask God to save her. Parineet asks Neeti why did she troubling her like this? Rakesh comes there searching for Neeti’s room. Parineet fails to notice him there. Rakesh enquires in Reception about Neeti’s room? Nurse informs him that she is in critical state. Doctor are trying hard to save her. Rakesh thinks that he won’t let her live. He reaches to Neeti’s room but walks away seeing Parineet. Parineet notices him and follows him behind. Her attention diverts when doctor calls her. Rakesh hides seeing her and thinks she shouldn’t learn he is behind this all. He sneaks into room without her knowledge. Doctor says to Parineet that Neeti’s condition is not good. Still no one came from her family. Parineet says to Doctor that Neeti staying with her husband in Chandigarh. Sanju not attending her call. Doctor tell her that they can’t able to perform the surgery without his sign.

Episode end

Precap; Rakesh will say to Sehar if he don’t kill her then it’s the end of election and his carrier. Later Parineet will wish to check Neeti’s phone to collect Sanju’s contact details. Meanwhile Rajeev will miss Neeti

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