Parineetii 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Chandrika gives a reality check to Gurinder

Parineetii 23rd September 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gurpreet sharing her grief with Gurinder and Parminder. Gurinder makes faces. Parminder says that she was worried about Parineet. She shouldn’t argue with her like that. Gurinder says that she is always blaming her. She leaves from there. Gurpreet says that Parineet’s life is in danger. Someone is trying to kill her, so she is taking Parineet along with her. Meanwhile, Sanju says to Parineet that her eyes make him clear that she doesn’t want to leave that house either. Parineet says that it doesn’t matter. He asked her to say the reason. But she refuses to tell him. Parineet tells him that everything won’t go according to their expectations. Sometimes we have to go to the flow. She shares her thoughts with him. He tells her that he doesn’t understand anything. Parineet says that Neeti is more important to her than anything in her life. Gurpreet hears it. Sanju gets emotional. Both walked away.

Gurpreet notices Shambhu there. He is keeping a close watch on Parineet holding a knife in his hand. Gurpreet asks him who he is? He lied to her. He was searching for the kitchen. She takes him from there. Later, Chandrika says to Gurinder that Gurpreet is able to ruin her life by exposing her in front of everyone. Gurinder asks her to be at her limit. Chandrika complaints that she has ruined Parineet’s life. She gave a dowry to her. Gurpreet would have found a better groom for Parineet than Sanju with that dowry. She doesn’t have any rights to treat Parineet in that way. She gives a reality check to her. She asks her to bless Parineet before leaving. Gurinder warns her. Chandrika asks her not to misunderstand that she is like Parineet. She won’t give her life to her Sautan. She won’t give her rights like her. She will fight for her rights. She won’t hesitate to punish Gurinder for it too. Gurinder thinks that she has to teach a lesson to her after Parineet leaves.

Gurpreet says to Shambu that Mehra said he looked like someone who ran away from his construction site. He refused it. Babli comes there. She says to Babli that something is fishy. She doesn’t know the reason why she is trying to leave this house. Babli says that Parineet is doing it for Neeti’s happiness. She is ready to sacrifice her happiness for Neeti.

Parineet says to Neeti that she has decided to leave this house. She asks her to forgive her. She asks Neeti to always be happy. She can pray for her. Neeti says, whether she pray or not? She is going to be happy. She will snatch happiness from her too. She asks her to be happy. Neeti asks her not to think that Sanju is hers. Amith comes there, so Parineet excuses them. Neeti asks him not to worry about her. Later, Parineet comforts Gurpreet. She asks her to forgive her. She fails to be a good mom to her. Parineet says that she is the best mom. She is not able to protect herself.

Gurpreet says that she hid from her, that someone tried to attack her. Parineet says that Sanju saved her. Everyone loves her in this family. Gurpreet asks her about Neeti? Parineet tells her that she has to leave this house for everyone’s sake. Sanju is Neeti’s husband. It’s not the right decision. Gurpreet says that she saw love for her in his eyes. She had to give him a little time to think about it. He would understand her love and come to her. Parineet refuses to hear it. She asks her not to talk about it. Bebe provokes Neeti against Parineet and Gurpreet.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet’s life is in danger.

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