Parineetii 25th January 2022 Written Update: Neeti spots Vishal in the shopping mall


Parineetii 25th January 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Gurpreet knocking on Rajeev’s room door. He hesitates to open the door. Neeti asks him why he is wasting time like that and opens the door. No one was there. Babli takes Gurpreet from there and informs her that Parineet is staying in the guest room. Rajeev lies to Neeti that Biji knocked on their door. What if she saw her with him? Neeti apologizes to him. He hugs her from behind and sings a situation song for her. She asks him to find what she would like to do? Rajeev fails to find it. Neeti tells Rajeev that he has one last chance to find it. Rajeev adds that he is feeling tired. Neeti says that he is creating a scene. She asks him to sleep without disturbing her. Meanwhile, Gurpreet knocks at the guest room. Parineet is surprised to see Gurpreet there. She inquired her what she was doing in this guest room? She is the elder daughter-in-law of this house. Babli tells her that Rajeev has late night meetings. So she used to sleep here sometimes. She doesn’t want to disturb his sleep. Gurpreet tells her that she wants to talk with her. Babli joins them. Gurpreet notices Parineet’s luggage there. She inquires her about it? Did she argue with Rajeev? Babli tells her that she wants to take a bath and do morning Pooja daily. She didn’t want to disturb Rajeev when he was sleeping. Gurpreet asks Parineet. Is she saying the truth? Parineet nods at her.

Gurpreet asks her when she is going to give heir to her? Babli asks her to stop bringing about that topic again. Aged people are always forcing them to get married and give heir asap. Gurpreet tells her that Neeti got married after her but she was pregnant. That is why she asked her about it. Parineet smiles at her. Later, Neeti is happy to find Rajeev’s credit card beside her. She thought that he guessed girls loved to do shopping. That is why he placed it for her. She admires him. He tries to romance her but she scares him using Biji’s name. They spend quality time with each other. Later, Rajeev asks Neeti to use his credit card carefully. They used to forget everything when they are doing shopping. He gets a call from his office. He informs Neeti that he wants to go to Bangalore asap. She complaints that he doesn’t accompany her to do shopping. He manages the situation there. He drops her at the market.

Gurpreet was having breakfast with Parminder. Parminder praises Parineet’s cooking. Gurpreet asks her where Harman is? She wanted to go back home. Chandrika asks her to look around Chandigarh. She suggested her taste the famous steet food. Parminder and Parineet ask her to stay there. Gurpreet assures her to stay there one more day. Simi and Gurinder try to insult Gurpreet for staying in their daughter’s-in-law’s house. Biji comes there and gives a fitting reply to them. She insults Gurinder in front of Gurpreet. She leaves there in anger. She praises Parineet’s cooking.

Neeti notices Vishal in the shopping mall. She thinks that he may be shopping for Parineet. She misunderstood him yesterday. He may wish to surprise Parineet. She admires his love for Parineet. Vishal notices Neeti there and gets irritated. He thinks that she won’t leave him today. He asks his fiancee to choose the best dress for her. He excuses her. Neeti is surprised to see Vishal missing there. She notices his girlfriend wearing the dhuppatta which Vishal chose for her. Neeti wished to inform her that someone had already brought it. Someone collides with her. She fails to meet her girlfriend. Vishal notices that Neeti is following him. He rushes out of that mall. Neeti inquires the staff about him. He reveals to her that he did his wedding shopping. Neeti is shocked to learn that he is getting married today.

Episode end

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