Parineetii 6th December 2022 Written Update: Babli spills the beans


Parineetii 6th December 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Neeti sharing to Sukhwinder that Parineet trying to separate her from Sanju. Parineet tells her that Sanju is her husband. Neeti says that she is trying to snatch her husband from her.

Sukhwinder tells her that Parineet won’t do like that. She may be misunderstood something. Neeti adds that she believed that she misunderstood her. But she saw them with her eyes. How she will believe her after she saw them together?

Sukhwinder asks her what’s this all? Parineet tells her that she is trying to explain its not truth. Neeti asks her doesn’t she ashamed to justify herself? Neeti complaints that Parineet fainted in her Karuvachauth. Rajeev broke her fasting first.

She reveals few more incidents to her. Sukhwinder asks her doesn’t she phone her on Karuvachauth? She promised her to take care of Neeti. Then why she is trying to snatch her husband? She is already married to Rajeev. She doesn’t deserve to be her daughter.

She is trying to break her friend life. She is ruining her family name. How will her family members accept this? Her family will be ashamed to hear this all. Sukhwinder gets disappointed to hear it.

Neeti says to Parineet that her marriage broke twice. Everyone gossipping about her life. But she felt happy to see the marriage broke. She thought Parineet deserves best. But she is trying to snatch her Sanju from her. Rajeev asks her to stop it. How could she suspect him.

Neeti says that he is also equally responsible in it. She wants to talk with her friend first. No she isn’t her friend anymore. She is her sautan. She thought to talk with Rajeev to accept her. She wishes to explain him how much Parineet loves him.

But she understood it now that she is the reason for his change. She doesn’t deserve any relationship. Rajeev shouts on her to stop it. He complaints that she is only thinking about her and throwing her words at Parineet.

Neeti complaints that Parineet changed her Sanju a lot. He never talked like that to her before. But he is behaving like that because of Parineet. Rajeev tells her that she misunderstood everything.

Neeti asks him doesn’t he hide the photo from her? He broke her fasting first. She demands him to answer to it first. She adds that he doesn’t have answer with him. He doesn’t understand her pain. She is carrying Sanju’s baby but he betraying her with Parineet.

Parminder asks Neeti to stop it. She says that she isn’t able to see her badmouthing Parineet like that. She is insulting Parineet a lot. Doesn’t she take class to Parineet how to behave in family? Parineet won her famili trust and love where Neeti lack it.

She adds that Parineet did manything to win their love and trust. What Neeti did to her family? She adds that Parineet staying in silent and listening to her taunts because she loves her a lot. Doesn’t Neeti a airhostess.

She roamed around this world but her mind is stuck inbetween the four walls. She isn’t thinking right. How could she don’t trust her husband? She doesn’t have control on her tongue. No one is ready to accept Neeti in her family as Daughter-in-law but Parineet made them understand. They accepted her for Parineet’s sake. She isn’t deserved to her daughter-in-law.

After Parineet did this much for her what she got in return? Humiliation. Parminder says that she thought Neeti will change someday and fit to their family. She is good for nothing. She won’t accept her ever. Neeti asks her what she did wrong? Parineet says that she did manythings.

Neeti asks her to think from her position. Parminder tells her that she isn’t able to replace Parineet place. Neeti says that she is comparing her with Parineet. That was her problems. Neeti asks her what will be her reaction if someone try to snatch her husband from her?

She isn’t able to see her snatching her husband from her. She is trying to be his second. Parminder says that she isn’t second. Gurinder interrupts there and argues with Parminder not let her open the mouth. Both are arguing with each other. Rajeev apologize to Parminder behalf of Neeti.

Parminder lose her cool when Gurinder badmouthing on Parineet. Parineet stops her and says that it’s Neeti’s house. She shouldn’t have stayed in her house. Parineet tells her that she isn’t believing her. She will leave this house. She asks her to believe Sanju.

Neeti tells her that she don’t trust him at all. Parineet asks her to show her anger on her. Neeti says that she will call her mom and inform her what she did to her family? She wants to inform her Parineet snatched her husband from her. Parineet tells her that she has heart problem.

Neeti says that her true face come out. She won’t stoop low like her. Babli interrupts her and says that she is talking a lot. Neeti says that she doesn’t know anything. She says that she doesn’t know what she knew. Parineet heard manything. She is humiliating Parineet a lot. Rajeev asks her to stop it. She is playing with his life.

Babli complaints that he only cares about his life. What about Parineet? She asks Gurinder does she forgot what happened actually? How could she frame Parineet as culprit here.

Because of her son she lost her life. He broke her heart too. She came to their house not them. He intentionally did this to her. Babli says that Parineet didn’t break her family but Neeti did it to Parineet.

Episode end

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