Parineetii 6th March 2023 Written Update: Parineet in a tight spot


Parineetii 6th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti ordering food at a hotel. She asks them to fast deliver the food. They shouldn’t deliver it in front of the guests. Bebe appreciates Neeti. Neeti tells her that she ordered Italian food from the best hotel in Chandigarh. He will definitely give promotion to Sanju after tasting it. Rajeev is nervous thinking about his boss’s visit. He worries that his boss might like the food or not? Parineet says to Rajeev that he shouldn’t misunderstand that his promotion doesn’t depend on food. He is getting a promotion for his hard work. There is nothing to worry about. Rajeev tells her that he is a very sensitive person but also clever. He would judge them with a single glance. Monty says to him that his friend informed him that his boss had visited his house to check how he would manage the crisis in the office and family in the same situation. Rajeev thinks that he was trapped then. Family motivates Rajeev but he feels confidence in Parineet’s eyes. He leaves to welcome the Boss and his wife.

Neeti received the order and unpacked it. She says to Bebe, let’s leave here or else they will ask them why they didn’t turn off the stove. Meanwhile, Rajeev welcomes the Boss and his wife. He introduces everyone in his family. The boss’s wife praises Parineet, looking like an angel. She inquires her about her husband? Neeti tells her that Rajeev has gone out to work. Parineet is Neeti’s friend. That is why she is staying here. Neeti says that he didn’t introduce her. Rajeev introduced her as his wife and the love of his life. Parineet feels hurt to hear it. Bebe introduces herself to him. The Boss informs him that he is here to eat lunch. Rajeev shares with Monty that he is confident about Parineet’s cooking. But he has no confidence in Neeti’s cooking.

Parineet smells something burnt. She shares with Neeti that Chole burnt. She says to her that she turned it off properly. Neeti tells her that she may have pressed the wrong button. Parineet tells her that she shouldn’t have made this mistake on this special day. Bebe pretends to like to inquire about Parineet what happened? Neeti informs her that Chole was burnt. Bebe scolds Parineet for being careless. What if Sanju didn’t get a promotion today? Parineet says that she won’t forgive herself if he doesn’t get a promotion. It’s all happening because of her carelessness. Neeti asks her to stop it. Sanju is her husband, not hers. She shouldn’t worry about it all. She is able to face this crisis. Neeti hides her anger and pretends to console her. She tells her that the boss will praise her cooking and give the promotion to Sanju today.

Neeti serves the Italian food to Sanju’s boss. Sanju says that he likes Italian food. That is why he asked her to cook it for him. The Boss asks them to eat with them. The boss praises the cooking. Bebe says that Neeti cooked it. The boss says that they eat the same food daily. He asks them if they are from Punjab. Parminder says to him that they usually eat Punjab food. The boss says to them that Neeti brought this food from the best hotel boss, Chandigarh. Bebe tells her that Neeti cooked it. The boss says to her that the delivery boy has come in front of him. He told him his address. He said to them that that Neeti ordered him to deliver the food to the back door without anyone’s knowledge. His wife tells her that they aren’t complaining about her. But they treat guests like god. Neeti says that she cooked for them but it didn’t come out well. That is why she ordered it. The boss wishes to taste the home-made food. He adds that his wife forgot how to cook Indian food. Parminder and Rajeev ask Parineet to bring the food she prepared for them. Monty says to Rajeev that he is going to get a promotion because of Parineet. Neeti feels hurt to hear it and leaves from there. Bebe follows her behind. Gurinder says to Parminder that she feels something fishy. Bebe is provoking her against them. Neeti shares her grief with her.

Episode ends

Precap; Neeti will notice Parineet and Rajeev close together. Neeti will ask Bebe to do something to stop Parineet from entering the kitchen. Bebe will release the cylinder tube. Neeti will be shocked to see Rajeev about to light the stove.

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