Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 6th March 2023 Written Update: Mahek is asked by Cherry to return the locket


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Episode starts with Isha’s frustration to see the death of Sarah. Veer asks Isha to get out from that place, but Isha continues to blame. When Veer says he doesn’t remorse for anything, then she slaps him tightly, but he doesn’t show any repercussions. She is asked to go away. Laksh asks Isha whether she has seen Sarah anywhere, but Isha doesn’t say anything. Seeing his love for Sarah, Isha appreciates his brotherhood. Here, Isha comes to the room of Vihaan to meet him. He looks depressed and disappointed regarding Sarah. Isha asks Vihaan whether he understood the incidents. Isha says Sarah tried to kil her.

Vihaan breaks down into tears losing Sarah from her life, and repents for his fate. Here, Laksh finds out Sarah everywhere but doesn’t find. Isha comes to Armaan, he also repents for his did, Isha describes the condition of Vihaan and Laksh. Armaan tries to help Isha, then Isha asks a help from Armaan. But Veer pokes his nose between them.

Isha asks Veer to make Laksh understand that Sarah has left this town forever, doesn’t want to come back and even is not eager to contact with anyone. Veer goes to convey this news to Laksh. Isha expresses her heart to Arman, her dilemma regarding Arman, she even wants to forget everything sensation about this traumatization. Veer comes and says he has informed that statement to Laksh. In the midst of the night, Arman hears some spooky sound which makes him intimidate. Then suddenly another wolf comes infront of him, whose name is Tina. They plan to spend his holidays in Goa.

Tina is described about Isha. She eagers to know about Isha as Armaan falls for her, she also alerts him about Kavya. She also asks about Veer. Armaan says he has been becoming more dangerous. Laksh reaches to police station, and says everything about Sarah. Then Armaan, Vihaan and Isha are interrogated about Sarah. Finally, Vihaan confirms Maya that Sarah has left the town permanently. Isha converses with Armaan personally, feels disturbed regarding the whole incident. When Isha is asked to go with him, Isha says she can’t take anymore all these trouble and asks Aarman to leave from her life.

Here, Tina meets Armaan, when Armaan tries to irritate her, she threats him with her power. Ahead, Mahek and her grandmother talk about their magical past, how the father of Mahek doesn’t accept this magical believes. Mahek shows her hereditary locket and her Nani puts it
Isha and Cherry talk about Sarah’s situation. Meanwhile, they’re asked to remain silent as he is doing some assignment, they pull his leg for his over seriousness. Veer brings some Shyamtulsi to Maya, and alerts about werewolves. Veer secretly collects information about their interrogation, Maya says they fails to proceed in their searching of werewolves.

Veer pretends to be normal person and leaves the place. In the next morning, Mahek reaches to Isha and asks what’s she facing. Isha expresses about her breakup, Mahek tries to cheer her up and plays some rhythmic music. Hearing the sound Isha wakes up and starts dancing with Mahek. She is asked to feel all her sensation. Finally, Isha finally smiles.

Veer meets Cherry and asks her to host a grand party as he wants to retun her locket. Here, Armaan is asked to express his heart to Isha, but Arman doesn’t want to do that, he wants to win the heart of Isha. Tina offers him some human blood, but Arman denies to have that. Veer comes and asks them to join the party, Tina is invoked to join the party as there she could meet Isha. Here, Isha and Mahek talk about Mahek’s future as yogini. Here, Arman doesn’t want to join the party, but Tina inforces him to attend this grand party. Meanwhile, Isha reaches to Armaan’s place and meets Tina. But seeing Tina, Isha suspects something doubtful about Tina and leaves the place. Here, again Tina alarms about Kavya, and eagers to know about Isha’s behaviour. Armaan says she is very good, cute and warm hearted lady. Tina accepts that he has fallen for her.

The party starts, Veer, Cherry and Tina join the party and enjoy. Cherry is asked return his locket. Isha meets about Armaan and asks about Tina. Armaan confirms Isha that there’s nothing between Tina and himself. When Armaan notices the uneasiness in the heart of Isha, Arman comforts her with kind words. Armaan also tells her that today is his birthday, but still she is willing to go the party. Cherry tries to snatch the locket from the neck of Mahek, but she gets a shock from that locket. When she expresses this incident she is rebuked by Veer and gets hurt. Tina requests Armaan to dance but he doesn’t want to do that. Again Veer victimizes a human being. The police reaches there and questions the eye witnessers. Here, Cherry becomes emotional to Mahek and accuses her as she is not showing any kindness to her. Here in the party, Isha is offered some drinks from Tina and they share many things about Arman. Isha is asked to give some times to Armaan. Cherry opens her heart to Vihaan and asks Vihaan to take her out in home.

Isha questions Veer why he has arrived in this Landslade, Veer says he has a master plan to do here. The eye witnessers is dragged in the party by Maya and asks her to identify the criminal. She identifies Tina as a criminal. Maya continues to shoot on her but Tina shows her original identity to Maya, meanwhile Veer takes her life.

Precap: Armaan becomes revengeful on Veer, but she is stopped Isha. She makes him understand that he shouldn’t do that, then he leaves.

Episode ends.

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