Parineetii 8th March 2023 Written Update: Neeti lashes out at Bebe


Parineetii 8th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bebe trying to stop Neeti. Rajeev asks Bebe what happened to her? Does she need anything? Bebe asks him to take care of his wife and leaves. Rajeev tries to get close with Neeti but she avoids him. Neeti recalls Bebe’s words and gets agitated. Later, Rajeev talks with Neeti. Neeti leaves from there. Rajeev is confused about her weird behaviour. He doubts whether he did anything wrong with her? He thinks that he didn’t do anything wrong. Neeti tries to avoid him by lying. She has a headache.

Rajeev tells her that he will help her. Neeti thinks that she will get relief when Parineet leaves this house. Bebe comes there and informs Neeti that she told her to stop Parineet from going into the kitchen or cooking for Rajeev. Bebe tells Neeti, she has sorted things out now and neither Parineet nor her tension will be there.

Neeti asks her what she did? Bebe reveals to her that she removed the gas tube without Parineet’s knowledge when she was cooking in the kitchen. She asks her to wait for a few minutes. Almost 5 minutes were over. When she lightens the stove it will be a blast. Neeti shouts at her in anger. She says that she lost her senses and rushes out. Bebe thinks that she asked her to send Parineet out, but she is behaving weirdly now.

Parineet tries to light the stove. Neeti slips down. Bebe stops Neeti from leaving. Neeti tells her that she won’t allow her to do something like that. Bebe says that she has to remove her from her life. Neeti says that Parineet is her sautan but not her enemy. She is her sister. She won’t allow anything to happen to her. Bebe says to her if she stays quiet then she can take her rights back. Neeti warns her that she will forget her relationship with her.

Neeti stops Parineet from lighting the stove. She hugs her in tension. She checks whether Parineet is fine or not. She recalls Parineet’s betrayal and breaks her hug. Parineet thinks why she is behaving weirdly. She is carrying a baby but she got mood swings. She manages to send Parineet out of the kitchen and opens the window.

Bebe thinks that Neeti ruined everything. If she waits for one second, then Parineet’s chapter will be over. Neeti ruined everything. She wishes to do something against her. She won’t leave Gurinder and her family. Parineet notices the things broken in her room. She inquires her what happened? Bebe asks her who she is to ask her? Why is she talking with her with those sugar-coated words? She asks Parineet to say what she needs? Money or something else. She seduced Sanju and betrayed Neeti. She stayed in this house like a snake. Though she didn’t get enough. She humiliates her for carrying Sanju’s baby.

Parineet says that she is not taking her wrong. She respects her a lot. She wouldn’t mistake her for showing love to Neeti. She expresses her love for Neeti and Sanju. Sanju feels guilty after hearing that. He thinks that she is god. That is why she didn’t think bad about them even after he betrayed her. He prays god to not separate Neeti and Parineet. Bebe asks Parineet to arrange everything properly and leaves.

Neeti checks from where gas is leaving. She notices the tube and fixes it back. Sanju comes there and asks her what she is doing here. Neeti lies to him that she came to prepare tea. Didn’t she say to him that she had a headache? He apologizes to her when she takes his intentions wrong. Sanju tells her that he came here to help her. He lightens the stove and it blasts. Neeti tries to save him. Rajeev protects her from fire. Everyone rushes there to witness the fire. Parineet takes a risk to save Neeti and Rajeev from the fire.

The doctor checks Sanju and Neeti and informs the family that Sanju got hurt more than Neeti. Gurinder asks Sanju how it happened? Bebe says that everything happened because of Parineet.

Episode ends

Precap; Gurinder will question Parineet why is everything happening because of her? Parminder will ask Parineet not to interrupt it. Rajeev will support Parineet, which hurts Neeti. Gurinder will complain that Parineet tried to hurt Neeti. Parineet will ask her to stop it. Later, Rajeev will ask Neeti how she guessed it was going to catch fire.

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