Dil Diyaan Gallaan 8th March 2023 Written Update: Amrita burns her passport to stop Maan from leaving India

Dil Diyaan Gallaan 8th March 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Dilpreet telling Sanjot to meet Maan finally. Sanjot gets overjoyed and goes after Maan, she shouts that Dilpreet took back his swear and now she can see Maan. They can hug each other. Maan stops and turns around hearing all of that. He rushes towards Sanjot and hugs her happily. Amrita thanks Dilpreet with folded hands. Sanjot gives kisses to Maan and they both get teary. Amrita too gets emotional.

Everyone looks at them happily. Dilpreet stands far from his family. Ria asks him why he is standing here. Dilpreet says mother and son got united and now he has nothing to do here. He leaves and Amrita recalls Adi’s advise to burn her passport so that Maan can’t leave India. She burns her passport saying just how Dilpreet united Sanjot and Maan today. She won’t leave India until Maan gets united with Dilpreet in the same manner.

Veer asks her why she burned her passport. Amrita says she used to think Dilpreet is heartless but he is not that cruel. Now she got hope that things will get better between Maan and Dilpreet as well. She says she misunderstood Dilpreet all these years and now she wants to resolve all the issues in their family. Veer supports her idea and says he will also be with her in this mission. Though they couldn’t do anything for each other but they both can atleast unite their family. They shake hands. Ria feels jealous and Veer asks her if Amrita’s idea is good. Ria says ofcourse she can’t be wrong.

Nimrit takes Ria along and says mother son reunion is a threat to them and Dilpreet also changed his mind for Sanjot’s sake. She taunts Ria saying the latter should learn something from Amrita how she cunningly handled the situation. Now one day Dilpreet might ask Veer to marry Amrita then what will happen to Ria? Ria feels insecure and asks her then what should they do. Randeep comes and Nimrit asks him to do something to control the agitated villagers as they surely spotted Sanjot with Maan. There Kuku overhears their talk and Ria says he will create problems for them. Nimrit says these villagers can solve their problem only. Dilpreet enters house and finds Sanjot there. She says though she met her son but she didn’t forget her husband. She will be there for him always. Dilpreet hugs her happily. There Maan hugs Astha. He says he felt that peace in Biji’s arms today.

Astha says they can go back to abroad after Maan meets Dilpreet. Maan says he knows Dilpreet didn’t forgive him yet as he saw his reaction in the Gurudwara. There Sanjot asks Dilpreet to meet Maan but the latter says he won’t forgive him, neither he wants to see him. Dilpreet says he cant forget how he faced humiliation because of Maan’s fault and the taunts villagers gave him. He is happy that Sanjot met her son but she should not expect anything else from him. Maan says he knows in this life Dilpreet will forgive him so he doesn’t have expectations either. He gets ready to leave for airport but Amrita Adi come to him and tell him about the burnt passport. Amrita says now how will they go back. Maan gets shocked.

Precap- Kuku threatens Dilpreet with his men by pointing gun at him. He says he will kill Maan if Dilpreet doesn’t perform his last rites. Dilpreet agrees.

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