Parineetii 9th March 2023 Written Update: Rajeev grows suspicious


The episode starts with Bebe saying to everyone that Parineet is the reason for everything. She is a bad omen. Because of her, Neeti met with an accident. Now Rajeev met with a fire accident. She asks her to kick Parineet out of the house. Parminder asks her how could she blame Parineet? Bebe informs her that Parineet was cooking in the kitchen before Neeti got there. She intentionally did it to harm Neeti. She asked her. Didn’t she smell the gas there? It’s good that Neeti opened the window. She provokes Gurinder against Parineet. She adds that no one is questioning Parineet about her mistakes. They treat her like God. Gurinder questions Parineet why everything is happening because of her. Why did she do it to Rajeev? Rajeev says to her that Parineet isn’t wrong here. She may have forgotten to turn off the gas. Parminder asks him to stop interrupting. Parminder advises Parineet to be careful. Before she burnt the choley. But this is different. Gurinder says that because of her fire caught today.

Chandrika says that Parineet isn’t wrong here. Gas may leak accidently. Bebe says that she is supporting her. Gurinder asks her to stop supporting her. Rajeev asks them how she could blame Parineet. He adds that Parineet won’t play with Neeti’s life. Neeti asks him what if happened to him? Neeti leaves there in anger. Bebe and Rajeev follow Neeti behind. Gurinder says to Parineet that Bebe scolds her because of her. She was waiting for a chance to scold her. Chandrika supports Parineet and tries to explain to her that she isn’t a fault here. Gurinder asks Chandrika to stop supporting her. Amith says that she isn’t lying. Parineet won’t do that. Gurinder says that she intentionally did it to Neeti. She did it out of jealousy. Parineet asks her to stop saying things like that. She won’t do anything which harms Neeti and Rajeev.

Bebe provokes Neeti against Parineet. She says that Neeti was worrying about Parineet but she was playing with her brain. Even Sanju supports her. Neeti says that she can’t stoop low for her. She tried to harm Parineet but Sanju was stuck in it. He even supported her in front of everyone. Neeti asks her to stop reminding her about what Parineet did to her. She won’t forget it. Sanju comes there. Parineet says to Gurinder that she is able to understand that everything happened because of her but she won’t do anything against Neeti. She would do anything to make Neeti happy. She apologizes to everyone for her mistake. Gurinder asks Parminder to make an important decision in this matter. A sister is able to become a sautan. But a sautan is not able to become a sister. Gurinder asks Parminder to send Parineet out of the house. Neeti will create a problem after she learns the truth. Parminder says to Gurinder that she is carrying her heir. She was talking about rights. Parineet has the rights, not Neeti. Gurinder was the reason for everything. She ruined everything, not Parineet. She did it for money and property. Parineet didn’t get anything from it. She advised her to wait patiently. Meanwhile, Sanju says to her that he heard that she won’t forgive Parineet. Neeti lies to him that Parineet is carrying their baby. What if something happened to her? Rajeev recalls the incident and thinks that Neeti was aware it would catch fire. He confronts Neeti about it. She manages to lie with him.

Later, Rajeev asks Neeti why she is staring at him like that. She was hiding something from him. Something is bothering her. He asks her to say it. Neeti asks him. Is he sharing his secrets with her? He nodded to her. She asks him to reveal his secrets to her. He assures her to clear her doubts. Neeti lies to him that she was just joking with him. Rajeev says that she was behaving weirdly recently. He asks her to say it makes clear what is hurting her? Neeti tells him that Parineet was the reason for it. Parineet comes there to apply ointment to Neeti’s wound. Neeti stops Parineet from applying ointment to Rajeev. Neeti asks Parineet to apply it. Her hand is paining. Rajeev tells her no issues. He will take care of it. Neeti feels guilty for listening to Bebe.

Episode ends

Precap; Parminder will inform Parineet that they are going to conduct the Satyanarayan pooja. She will ask her to prepare the prasad. Bebe and Neeti will add garlic to it to create a bad impression on Parineet. The police will arrest Sanju.