Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story and Spoilers: Highlights of the week!

Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story and Spoilers on

The newly launched show recently witnessed Pranati learning the truth about Jugnu being her daughter. Pranati who finds out that Jugnu is the daughter whom she thought to be dead, gets determined to get her back at any cost.

Pranati even breaks her marriage with Archit so that she can get Jugnu. However on the other hand Jugnu is not ready to accept Pranati. Jugnu thinks Pranati to be one of those rich people who wants to trap her in love so that they could make her their servant.

On the other hand there’s Reyaansh who still loves Pranati unaware to himself. He lands in a trouble along with his family due to a stupid act by him and his brothers. Jugnu is the only witness for the accident and thus they wants to keep Jugnu with them as per their Daadi’s order. Reyaansh is still unaware that Jugnu is his daughter as Pranati hides it from him.

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A clash ensues between Pranati’s sister Chetna and Archit’s sister Nupur with Reyaansh’s brother Armaan and Maan landing them in police station. Pranati and Reyaansh meets up there and Reyaansh gets to know that Jugnu is with Pranati.

Reyaansh plans to gate crash Pranati’s home to get Jugnu while his brothers mixes chilli powder in the holi water as a revenge plan. Later Pranati wants to adopt Jugnu after knowing about all the hardships went through by her in the ashram.

How will Pranati handle the new problem by Reyaansh could be found out on Pavitra Bhagya at 10 p.m only on Colors and anytime anywhere on Voot.

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