Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Upcoming Story : Omkar gets a warning from his family priest

Pinjara Khubsurati Ka Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Pinjara Khubsurati Ka Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Pinjara Khubsurati Ka Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Episode begins with all are hurting Mayura with coconut while Omkar is feeding prasad to Piyush. Omkar says you know her for some days and for her you are going against me. Piyush doesn’t answer and Omkar says you are like a child to me and I am feeling bad to see you in this state. Piyush says to Omkar why are you doing this drama of caring because you really can’t see anything beyond yourself and your own agendas. Omkar says Mayura was beautiful till now but now she is not beautiful anymore that I will fight with the world for her. Piyush says she is still beautiful and innocent like earlier times but your eyes can’t see beyond her outer beauty. You can not understand why Mayura is so special to me? You don’t even have the ability to understand the importance of friendship.

Piyush says to Omkar I will be with her till my last breath. Omkar says then die with this offerings of god and Piyush literally spiked the sweets on the floor. Mayura is running on the street and she comes and hides in between the curtains and sarees. She cries and complains to god that why always a woman is subjected to the wrath of this society. Why people find it easy to blame a woman in spite of she’s being the victims. She was crying when some men came from behind and started to bother her. She gets scared and asks them not to come near her. The mother of Mayura is scared and feeling bad for her daughter. She says I am a mother and I can totally feel that my kid is not safe. The men are annoying Mayura and she gets to recognise that these are the same people who are in the temple. Those men says that we are your brother-in-law and you can make relation with us as well.

Mayura says I am requesting you all not to come near me or else I will shout but they didn’t listen to her and says you should feel lucky that we are coming near you or else who will see a woman with a face like you. They are coming forward and Mayura tries to save herself and she is also crying for help. Mayura is trying to escape from there while they are also running behind Mayura. Mayura’s mother is praying to god to give protection to her daughter as she has suffered a lot. She pleads to god to save her daughter from any further problem. She lights up a lamp in front of the picture of God and prays while Mayura sees a weapon in front of her and she grabs it before they can pounce over her. Mayura says to them stay away from me or else I will not spare anyone.

Mayura says I lost everything in my life but I will not let anything happen to my dignity. She says I can’t kill you all but I can end my own life but will never lose my dignity at any cost. She is going to kill herself but Omkar comes there at the last moment and stops her with his hands. His men ask for forgiveness from Omkar and he goes towards one of his men and twists his hand and says if she is not related to me anymore then will you make relation with her? Is she your own property? He beats all his men while Mayura is standing there still and is listening to Omkar. Omkar is again showing her obsession for Mayura and she is watching it all standing there alone.

Omkar notices Mayura while the men run away from there. Omkar is trying to make her understand why he is trying to hide her beauty and her existence from the world. Omkar says this world is hungry of the beauty of women and if they get one chance they just grab them. Omkar says if I want, I can show my rights on you and no one will scold me and will say I can do anything as I am your husband. He says I will not let any good thing happen with you but whatever bad will happen, I will do that only and no one else. Omkar is leaving when Mayura asks her from behind and says you won’t let anything bad happen to me then fine. I am ready for this but please leave my friend Piyush alone, don’t harm him and let him go. He says I will snatch everything that is lovable to you and I will not let him come back to you.

Mayura says no matter what happened I will free him from your capture. Omkar is washing his wound when his mother comes and asks him to stay away from Mayura. She says you binded yourself in a cage to make Mayura limited inside your limit. She asks him to move on and let go of Piyush and Mayura. He says I can’t forget that both of them backstabbed me in the worst way possible. She says if you don’t move on then this wound will never heal.

Mayura comes to home and informs I asked forgiveness from Omkar and asks if she can enter the house? She welcomes Mayura and asks if things are fine? Mayura says to her mother I am not okay and cries in front of her mother and says why don’t he kill me? Why he is not killing me for once and all? Mayura says everything to her mother and says what wrong I did? Why is it happening with me and says what wrong I did? The family priest comes in the house and says to Omkar I want to give an important message. He says Omkar needs to be in control and with proper care. I saw a dream and according to it a huge thing can happen to Omkar.