Pishachini 25th November 2022 Written Update: Pavitra asks Kanika for a solution to save Rocky


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The episode starts with Pavitra asking Kanika how they feed Agnithaal to Rocky, who becomes unconscious. Kanika says that the ice is melting and the zombies can attack them again. So they leave that place immediately. At Rajput’s mansion, Sapna is worried about Rocky and Pavitra as they haven’t returned home yet. Just then, Pavitra, Rocky and Kanika return home. Rocky is unconscious and his body is trembling. The family cover him with a blanket. The family is worried that Rocky is still unconscious. Shikha thinks that she never wanted any harm to Rocky. Pavitra cries, holding Rocky’s hand. Kanika assures the family, saying that Rocky is still alive as he is still having a pulse and Zombie can’t be alive. Vidya reminds that Kanika said that if a person gets bitten by a zombie, he can’t be saved. Pavitra becomes worried that Rocky won’t gain consciousness within 24 hours. Kanika says that they still have 12 hours. She says that he will definitely gain consciousness before 12 hours and they can feed him Agnithaal. Pavitra and Kanika decide to stay near Rocky and wait for him to gain consciousness. The rest of the family members leave. Shikha thinks that Pavitra has to pay for Veer’s death and die today. 

In the cave, Rani is looking for a way to get out of the cave. She is shocked not to find even a small hole in the cave. Here, Pavitra is crying and waiting for Rocky to gain consciousness. Vidya and her parents ask Sapna and Sudhakar what happened to Dadaji, how he disappeared. Just then, Sanchit comes there and says that Dadaji came to his room, then suddenly disappeared which shocks everyone. Sapna asks what Dadaji said. Sanchit says that he saw the injury on his foot and said that he would get medicine to treat it. He says that he was talking and behaving like he used to do before becoming a Pishach. Vidya and her parents arevhappy to hear this. 

Pavitra asks Kanika for a solution to wake up Rocky from his deep sleep. Kanika says that there’s a way, but she’s not sure that it will work. Sudhakar is about to say what happened. He gets interrupted by Kanika, who calls out Vidya for help. Sudhakar says that they will talk about Dadaji later and asks the others to go and help Kanika. 

Kanika lighted 15 candles around Rocky’s bed. Kanika shows a pink magical stone to the Rajputs. She says that Rocky is sleeping as he was bitten by a zombie. She burns the stone in the candle. She says that when this stone comes in contact with the candle light, it will turn red and if they are successful in changing all the candle’s light into a red color, Rocky will come out of his deep sleep.

Sapna regrets hiding what happened to Dadaji from the children, as they had taken an oath not to hide anything  from the family members. Sudhakar says that they can’t tell them anything until they’re not sure what happened exactly to Dadaji. Just then, Dadaji appears there in a Pishach form. He asks Sapna and Sudhakar to tell the family what happened. He reminds them that they have made a deal with him, so they will also become a Pishach soon. Sudhakar and Sapna are shocked to hear this. 

Kanika says that the light of ten candles has turned into red and only five candles are left. She gives the Agnithaal that she collected in a small glass bottle to Pavitra so that she can feed 10 drops of it as soon as Rocky gains consciousness. Pavitra shows a small glass bottle full of Agnithaal that she collected in case if there’s a shortage. Kanika asks Pavitra why she took extra Agnithaal, as if a human consumes or even touches it, he will have a painful death and she can’t do anything to save him/ her. Pavitra apologizes to Kanika. Kanika asks Pavitra to make sure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Shikha hears this and smirks. 

In the cave, Rani tries to use her nail to dig a hole in the ground to go out. She’s shocked when her power doesn’t work and wonders if Kanika didn’t really capture her in this cave forever. Here, Rajputs are shocked when all the candles blow off. Kanika says that this trick didn’t work. Pavitra decides to feed Rocky the Agnithaal when he is still unconscious. Kanika stops Pavitra, saying that it won’t work if it’s given when Rocky is unconscious. Bubbli asks Kanika what will happen if Rocky doesn’t gain consciousness within 24 hours. Kanika says that then Rocky will become a zombie forever, shocking everyone. Pavitra shouts no. She says that she won’t let this happen till she is alive. Pavitra asks Rocky to wake up. She bursts into tears, hugging Rocky. 

The episode ends. 

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