Pushpa Impossible 14th November 2022 Written Update: Deepti spends quality time with Aswin


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The episode starts with Chirag informing to Pushpa that he wants to open the gift boxes. Pushpa shares with him it’s Aswin and Deepthi’s wedding gifts. They wants to open it with their hands. Chirag and his sister are guessing what’s inside the gif boxes. Pushpa asks them to go and study there. Both are fighting with each other for a bed. Chirag complaints to her that he won’t get a sleep if he lays somewhere else. Pushpa gets irritated by their noise. Chirag complaints that he won’t get a sleep. She asks him how did he slept when he went out? She adds that she is younger than him. He shouldn’t be adamant like that. Pushpa asks him to listen her.

Neighbour comes there and inform Pushpa that water isn’t available in our colony. Let’s store the water from pump. Pushpa says that she wants to store water or else she will ruin Deepthi’s first day after marriage. She asks Chirag to don’t fight with her and rushes outside. Chirag and his sister opens the gift boxes. Pushpa comes there and complaints to that she ordered them to don’t unwrap it. Chirag tells her that someone gave this gift to Suresh he placed new sticker on it and gifted to us. Pushpa gets surprised to see it. She tells him that it’s happens usually on Diwali time. They will give the sweets to others which they received from others. She asks him to wrap this gift again and mentions Pushpa’s Diwali gift for him than send it to him. she leaves to store water. She complaints to Neighbour that Babodara is doing injustice to us by not fixing new pipe for us. Babodara asks her what’s going on here? Pushpa asks him to check the long line. Doesn’t he feel ashamed to see this? Both are arguing with each other over this issue. He brings the past to hurt her. He shares with them that they wants to pay 200rs to take water from his house. Pushpa asks one of the neighbour why he didn’t mention her name? Doesn’t she paying rent correct? She nods to him. Pushpa feels something fishy.

Later, Chirag returns the gift to Suresh and tells him that this gift is for him. It’s Diwali gift. He wishes to thank Pushpa for it. He thank Pushpa for her gifts. Pushpa tells him that he sent someone gift to her labeling his name. He tells her that many gifts are there. That is why he sent one of them. Pushpa tells him that she would have feels happy when he attend the wedding to bless them. He just wants to bless them happily. Suresh thank her. He praised Pushpa infront of Chirag.

Later, Chirag and Rashi are unwrapping the gifts. Aswin and Deepti comes there. Rashi asks him to check the gifts. Aswin asks them why did they opened the gifts? It’s a bad manners to open others letters or gift. Rashi complaints that he was checking her messages. Chirag complaints that he was keeping his eyes on his personal diary too. Pushpa gifted a sarie to Deepti as a small gift. Pushpa gives space to both Aswin and Deepthi. She gives sweets to grandma. Varsha asks Pushpa to sign in the draft reasoning she created it for water scarcity. Pushpa tells her that she argued with Babodhara for it. She sign in it as a first person and assure her to take everyone sign in it. Bapodhara creates a scene in front of Pushpa for parked Deepthi’s car in his residence without permission. He complaints that he used to park his car in ground not here. Deepthi comes there and solves the issues. She leaves to park her car outside. Pushpa asks him to stop creating issues in front of her daughter-in-law. She says to him that he was silent in water matter. She will give complaint against him and bring new pipe connection here. Later, Neelima informs Pushpa that Babodhara not giving receipt to her. Pushpa says that it’s important to keep receipt with them. When some problems comes there wants to show it to them as a proof. Pushpa takes Neelima to Babodhara’s house. He fears that she learns his secrets.

Episode end

Precap: Everyone will surprise to see a new guest in their area.

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