Pushpa Impossible 19th November 2022 Written Update: Bapodhara’s flashback revealed


Pushpa Impossible 19th November 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pushpa barging in while Aswin and Deepti were romancing. She leaves awkward while Deepti stops her. She says that they have came up with an idea to sleep in kitchen. She says not only for their privacy but also to stop making them awkward. Pushpa says that she also thought about it but didn’t say worrying what would she think. Ashwin states that fools acts and thinks same but they correct them saying that Intelligents think alive. At night, everyone struggles to stay at home due to Kunjbala Maasi’s snoring and blabbering. They all come out and decides to paly carrom.

Everyone leaves to get carrom board. Deepti says that during childhood she heard stories of Raja and Rani where the Prince comes to save the Queen. However after seeing her she learnt that they don’t need a Prince to save as they themselves are enough to fight. They bring the carrom board and everyone goes to play.

Neelima comes there and says Pushpa that she couldn’t find any receipt in the house. Pushpa leaves to search but Neelima says she searched well already. Pushpa by mistake hits the couple frame of Neelima and Ramesha nd a letter falls down from it. A flashback is shown where Bapodhara comes to hospital to visit his big brother. Ramesh was working a s a ward boy at the same hospital. He takes Bapodhara in but they find his brother missing. They search everywhere and Bapodhara peeps down the window to find him lying dead on ground as he committed suicide jumping off the building.

Ramesh also gets shocked while Bapodhara rushes down to his brother. Ramesh finds a letter from his brother blaming Bapodhara for snatching everything from him and forcing him to suicide. Ramesh safeguards the letter.

Ramesh threatens Bapodhara with the letter. Bapodhara at first tears it but Ramesh says it’s just a photocopy and he has the original one. Bapodhara strikes a deal with him to provide him shelter and give him 10000 till the day if his death and Ramesh agrees to hide the news. Bapodhara threatens to kill him if he reveals the truth to anyone. Bapodhara spends sleepless nights from then. Pushpa and Neelima reads the letter and wonders who it’s addressed too as name was not mentioned. Neelima clears that Ramesh doesn’t have sibling. At night, Maasi calls Pushpa to help her to washroom. Pushpa helps her with difficulty and brings her back. Throughout the time, Maasi kept complaining about Sonal. Pushpa decides to get rid of Maasi’s hatred on Sonal at any cost.

Precap : Aryan will slip on oil and will fall down stairs. He will get hurt badly while everyone gets shocked. Nanavati will say Pushpa that Aryan fell because of Rashi’s bullying shocking Pushpa.

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