Pushpa Impossible 25th November 2022 Written Update: Ashwin and Deepti’s job at stake.


Pushpa Impossible 25th November 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pushpa planning the budget for the house. Deepti wants to contribute too but Pushpa asks her to save her salary separately. Deepti asks why didn’t she want her to contribute for the house. Pushpa says about a old habit of women where the save few pennies and buys grams of gold without family knowing about it. She says that it would come to their help in need. She says that a woman should always be financially independent as situations could change anytime. Deepti says that even the most educated were not as knowledgable and foreseeing as her. Pushpa says that life is the biggest teacher and the lessons taught were the best. She hurries to school as it got late.

Rashi and Pushpa comes to school and finds Aryan there with bandages all over his body. Pushpa pleads Rashi to apologize and Rashi says sorry and leaves immediately. Nanavati calls Pushpa to cabin and she goes there. She finds Bharadwaj speaking with Nanvati. He demands to give the same punishment to Rashi which he gave to Aryan. Nanavati agrees with his words and promises to get justice for Aryan. Bharadwaj leaves and turns to Pushpa. He says that he must follow the rules of the school. He asks her to send Rashi to meet him after school. Ashwin and Deepti finds comes to office and finds it in a mess. They gets to know that their company is taken over by Raiden group of Companies and some would lose their job with the changed protocols.

Rashi meets Nanavati who asks her to confess her crimes and gives her a chance. Rashi narrates whatever she did and also says that she didn’t expect him to get hrt so much. She says that she couldn’t tolerate that her culprit is left lose while she had to go through the mental torture. She accepts her mistake but doesn’t repent it. Ashwin and Deepti learn about Raiden group of Companies whose CEO is Mansi Raiden. Later Pushpa’s family meets Maasi who is about to leave. Sonal keeps her hand grinder as her memory while Maasia asks Deepti to learn a lot from her mother in law. They all joke while Maasi takes her leave.

Pushpa is worried about Deepti and Ashwin’s job as well as Rashi’s issue. Rasi is upset when Ashwin asks her to trust Nanavatri to take a fair decision. Pushpa is still not sure. Later that night, everyone were sleepless as each had a worry. Bharadwaj calls Ashwin but Deepti picks the call. Bharadwaj thinking it to be Ashwin asks him to meet him if he doesn’t want his sister to get rusticated and Deepti cuts the call.he says to his friends he would definitely come being a typical mddle class man with repsonsibilities. Deepti decides to go herself as Ashwin will get furious if he meets with Bharadwaj.

Precap: Bapodhara will get call from Police station asking him to come with his daughter as she is a witness of Chirag hitting Bharadwaj. Pushpa will also get a call to bring her son for hitting Bharadwaj. Pushpa will slap Ashwin angrily while Ashwin gets shocked.

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